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  1. Oh, thanks new :) sorry for the insistence but if I use Hunterborn + the requiem patch + both those patches you linked, everything *should* approximately work correctly and be somewhat balanced?
  2. Okay thanks :) What I have read for Hunterborn is that it would have worked best with Unimex's Realistic Survival Experience but it seems he hasn't updated it for some time, unfortunately. And I read that the Requiem patch provided on the Hunterborn page seems to be incomplete, anyone know if that's the case?
  3. Ok thanks Paul! Any idea if any of both of these *might* be compatible with the guide setup?: -Loot and Degradation -Hunterborn (prolly not)
  4. Hi guys. Would Loot and Degradation be compatible with the guide? And any chance you guys know of any basic need mod that works with it? (meaning needing to eat, drink, sleep)
  5. Loading it ( COT Nights Level 2) before WLSO Merged actually solved the issue :)
  6. Those screenshots are actually from me attempting to also load ClimatesOfTamriel-Nights-Level-2.esp almost last, right before KhajiitEarsShow.esp, so as to see if it made a difference but it seems it hasnt really =/.
  7. It's weird..Im pretty sure I merged it correctly too. Do you happen to know if I should have chosen darker nights in CoT or if Phinix ENB has something to do with it?
  8. Hi guys would you mind telling me if my game is correctly using Requiem Realistic Darkness? I expected it to be much darker, thats why Im not sure if it is working. https://imgur.com/a/KTP9f
  9. If replacing SMC Output folder with same exact mods but their lower quality variant, keeping the same name, do I have to redo any of these? (apart from DynDOLOD): xEdit Khajiit Ears Show, FNIS ("Skeleton Arm Fix", etc), DSR, Reqtificator, Restore NPC Visuals?
  10. Hi guys. Seems I went a bit overboard with the SMC options so now I have to lower quality on some of the options to remove some stuttering I am getting. Basically, I will use all of the same mods I am currently using, only downgrading some in terms of qualities (such as HQ to MQ and such). In that case, after I repack SMC Output folder and replace the old one with this new one, keeping the same name, do I have to redo any of these? (apart from DynDOLOD): xEdit Khajiit Ears Show, FNIS ("Skeleton Arm Fix", etc), DSR, Reqtificator, Restore NPC Visuals? On another note, most of my stuttering is outside in the open world of course, would these settings be appropriate? I use a GTX 1060 6GB VRAM on Win 7 64bits, as well as 16gb RAM. I believe downgrading some SMC mods might help but maybe my fading options should be lower, I am not very experienced with them so as to notice, so I would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. Great thanks guys. What was the reason for the change from Unbound to LAL, if you dont mind mentioning it? Probably further customization possibilities with Unbound, right?
  12. Okay thanks :) was curious as to if Skyrim Unbound is preferred due to compatibility with the guide, as opposed to LA: which you have mentioned might need some patching. Not that I dislike Unbound, it is very nice, but I was curious to try LAL's stories.
  13. Out of curiosity, any clue if Live Another Life is compatible with the guide, instead of Skyrim Unbound?
  14. Okay thanks guys. Good thing is I know the reason is ENB, but with ENBoost everything is fine. Is there any way of me making sure Phinix Natural ENB is actually loading? Because I get an ENBoost message on load, but how do you know when Phinix is correctly loaded? (apart from the graphic change which some might notice, I generally cant) Anyway..on to installing a Win7 partition due to the 4gb VRAM DX9 limit on windows 10 ~_~.
  15. It was an ENB issue, for some reason Phinix Natural ENB is not working for me, but it launches correctly with ENBoost. Good to know the reason, now I will have to see how to make Phinix work
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