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  1. Can you grab the formid of that & then check for any mods referencing it?
  2. Yeah it's an indirect conflict. Okay, DeadlySpellImpacts.esp, you have a rule to load Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp after that right? I'll see about moving that Deadly Spell Impacts back to the same group as ISC or CRF as that's causing the issue. Thanks.
  3. No rules for Omega, it will sort wherever it has the least amount of conflicts. If your looking for compatibility information on location mods mnikjom added a guide recently https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18135
  4. Yeah it can, there's nothing game breaking, just some weird stuff that is immersion breaking.
  5. Vivid Weathers SE - Extended Snow What was the issue with this plug-in again? Is it incompatible with something else? I seem to remember it being mentioned here, but can't find anything.
  6. Grab the latest version off nexus, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/164 It has the script.
  7. It don't think it has to be empty, I'll have to test it out to be sure. You would also need to use load after rules within the Arthmoors village group or make sure all patches are added to that group. Adding them is much easier, as loot will then handle the sorting inside the group. Otherwise you will get these errors. Failed to sort plugins. Details: Cyclic interaction detected between "FarmhouseChimneysKarthwasten.esp" and "Darkwater Crossing.esp". Back cycle: Darkwater Crossing.esp, FarmhouseChimneysDarkwaterCrossing.esp, Karthwasten.esp, FarmhouseChimneysKarthwasten.esp
  8. Its understandable. Well you can have load after rules, but I find new groups for each mod easier. In the example above, the group town is empty. Only the ones branching off it have mods. I was trying to get across the idea with the core group. So you can have as many groups as you want off of the one Node "Towns". And each group for a mod will also hold its patches without having to add each of them. And also any mods set to load after them, without conflicts. As long as it has a clear chain of priority. Now this is really only useful for mods with lots of patches or mods set to load after it.
  9. If the updates are causing issues then you should disable update master-list on sort. You can also make a backup of your current working user-list & master-list.
  10. You seem to have old meta-data in your master-list or user-list, would you be able to send me your master-list & User-list from the "AppData\Local\LOOT\Skyrim Special Edition" folder? Would be good to know if there is a work around without deleting those.
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