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  1. bug report from the modpage: Can we include the fix on SE1.0 guide?
  2. Discussion topic: Scrambled Bugs by KernalsEgg Wiki Link This mod introduces engine bug fixes. Some are integrated in the current SE guide, but some aren't too. What I'm more interested at, is the 2nd enchantment effect bug fix. Also, the perk entry point bug where if you 2 apply-on-hit effects only 1 will work, this fixes it. It's against the guidelines to repeat the mod description, but please take a look at the mod page and check out the things it fixes.
  3. I do not know why but, it fixed itself? Reverting to the original masters and running QuickAutoClean now creates the cleaned Update.esm file This is strange, don't know why it happened in the first place. Kindly close the thread, mods. Thanks
  4. I followed the instructions on setting up the tools Right now, as a workaround, I just manually backed up Update.esm and copy it somewhere, before cleaning with xEditQuickAutoClean.
  5. Getting the same error as the guys above. Any fix?
  6. My only gripe is getting teased about it's close to release, and then suddenly pulling out. I hope this doesn't turn into a Bannerlord/FFXV development hell situation. Like taking more than 7 years.
  7. You said, it's gonna get depreciated and STEP 3.0 is coming out. At the meantime, can anyone please point out some good modding guides for SE that follow STEP guidelines(Close to vanilla, many bugfixes)? I just caved in, and bought SE, but too confused on which guide to follow.
  8. I want to try some mods that utilize zEdit, and I'm on the fence right now.
  9. What I did in order: Opened - xEdit * Select None, Check Step Core Patch * Right Click Patch, Apply Script, List Records referencing specific plugin * Remove Weather Group on STEP Core Patch * Right Click Patch, Clean Masters * Exit and Save -Reinstalled * WM Flora Fixes, removed SMIM option * Realistic Boat Bobbing, unchecked SMIM Option * Gemling Queen Jewelry, unchecked SMIM Option, use w/e texture you want. * Vivid Clouds and Fogs(I screwed up the Title, please forgive me), used Windy Clouds option
  10. Thanks,can I not yet mark this as solved? Something came up and I'm a week away before I get to access my PC, currently posting on my Phone. I figure I'll post the steps that need to be done when I'm actually working on it, in case someone is on the same predicament as me, and is new to xEdit, and replacing those mods that have non-SMIM options.
  11. Do I need the CK for it? Or just xEdit? I need to cut down those 2 mods because it's bogging my laptop down. Unfortunately I don't know how to do it, hence my request on how to make it work. When outside Riften and it's foggy I reach 20-25 fps and entering combat there is deadly, as I'm running combat overhauls. Other than that I have no problem except that in Dragonborn(Solstheim-Kolbjorn Barrow), I can somehow clip thrugh the floor/wall and get the artifacts early. Idk what did this, I mean I did follow the Step Guide. The external mods not mentioned in the Step guide are just combat overhauls, they don't change anything in the "world". Expanding on this, those walls/floor seem to have like mesh/collision issues or something? I don't know how to explain but I mean I can go through them because there are gaps/holes. Anyway this is a minor issue as I can just opt to not sequence break the dungeon. Not a problem if you don't wanna help with this minor issue. Thanks to anyone who helps!
  12. With USLEEP finally coming to a closure, how will STEP fix the bugs/problems that will arise when more bug/problems are to be found? I'm kinda worried.
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