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  1. By Ellileas advice imma share what else keeps happening. :D CTD are happening sometimes, mostly randomly. I cannot trace a single common thing about them, except the fact that sucidide + reload allows me to save. I have to do that after every CTD or I am not able to save. Other than that i didnt see any strange game behaviour.
  2. I played for a few hours now, i had to do it like twice. No idea what the hell is this. I noticed one thing, its not always the reason of a bug, bud doin this creates the bug 100% of times (I tested). You cannot save while in combat. Ps. Mister sad_mad
  3. Sorry for spam. I write everything here so everyone with the same problem can see, please remove my posts if it is a problem. :) I fixed it! (for the moment) I had to die! :D According to some sources on the internet, you need to kill your character. (normally or via console) After reloading it works fine for me. Still no idea what happened, i have not found any clues either, just this, propably temporary, solution.
  4. Well, i switched video memory size value to a bit lower one. Now my problem is back, even tho i didn't change anything and reloaded a few times. Solitude looks fine at least. :D Perhaps im using Reqtificator wrong. The "Logging level of detail" should be kept at "Only merged records"?
  5. And now i Reqtified again and everything works fine. Ellilea- I just used different values in ENB Optimizer, redid FNIS and Reqtificator, hope that it will work for You too.
  6. Ok, I resolved it by changing values in ENB Organizer. But now i have same problem as Ellilea- crash on save.
  7. Switching to old version of ReLinker helped, however i have different problem now. After startin the Skyrim Unbound the game crashes when tryin to switch race, or directly after naming the character. One time i managed to start, and then the Requiem Scripts popup showed up.
  8. For the record- now it works for me too. :D You are a great detective.
  9. I meant Skyrim logo, brain farts are common today. :D I think that I did everything according to guide, step by step, cant be certain tho. Perhaps something is wrong with installation of NLVA, it is the only thing I added myself.
  10. Aaaaand, crash on Bethesda logo. Any hints what to do/check?
  11. Cant Edit my post anymore. :( WLSO Merged is missing the master - TrueStorms, which is a part of this merge. How can i fix this?
  12. Me again, thanks for the answer. Next questions: 1. Where (in load order) should I place Radioactive + PCE (and patches)? In loadorder.txt those files are not included and i cant find any clues in the tutorial. I also cannot find Wayshrines in there. <-nvm, just compared it to the load order above. 2. Does the order in left pane of Mod Organizer matters? After all of this it aint pretty. Sorry for that question. :D 3. Does placement of NLVA matters? Their page suggest that it does not, but I prefer to ask here. Sorry for botherin.
  13. Hi, Few questions, stupid propably, but i already installed everything twice, and Im a bit tired. :) I am propably just misuderstanding something. Sorry for my English. 1. Near the very end there is a step "[WLSO Merged Tips]", and if I understand correctly I should do this after everything else. But exactly when? Before or after stuff like Reqtificator or DYNDOLOD? 2. Step "Merge Plugins - SRLE Legacy of The Dragonborn Reqtified Profile". What is this for? Am I supposed to redo all the merges, even ones that i made before? I want to make this all clear to me, I wont have the patience to redo it third time. :D
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