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  1. Ay, sorry, that's Special Edition. Well, maybe it will come to the normal one too. And also rumor has it Requiem 2.0 might be SEE friendly. Would've edited the post if I could've :p
  2. Hey. For the future update, I found a new tree mod that looks stunning :) Maybe you'll be interested in it: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12371 I used this guide last time and it helped a bunch so I thought you may like it.
  3. Nevermind, I fixed it. I don't actually know what I did, but some random poking in xEdit fixed it. Pardon. I'm trying to Reqtify the patch with the leveled items now included, let's see if this new version will remedy that mythical CTD on save too :) EDIT: Well guise... ...IT'S GONE. I Reqtified the full patch (just removed the few SU/Sofia/AeCrown entries as previously) and it didn't crash on save on the new game! So it would seem it's improvement each time. But I have somehow managed to produce a strangest "bug" by removing CL/updating CR, if I may say so :D Dragonflies and Torchbugs are now really rather fat. Like, 4x their previous size. I don't care, as long as it works it works, overfed dragonflies surely aren't gonna make me touch a single file, but I found that funny in how unrelated to anything it is.
  4. The bug stands (I went through the uninstall/cleaning with Reqtified everything but CR patch while waiting for response). I got a fun fact meanwhile: my save with ClaraLux (character level 33) was 35.9 MB large, one with CL removed is 29.0 MB. I didn't know it would be such a difference. Guess those scripts really piled up in my save, too many mods for it. Shame, the idea of the mod is really nice and I'm grateful for the creator's solid detailed uninstall tutorial. Seems like a fine fellow, wish I could be using his/her mod, but alas it didn't agree with my install :(
  5. New day, new issue. So I figured I'd let Claralux stay as long as the game worked fine, but when I went to Soljund's Sinkhole and saw 3 huge piles of its torches I said enough is enough (even without glow and all the lights were wonky at best and really annoying at worst, but those were the light sticks that broke the camel's back). So since CR patch/Dyndolod/RftIndifferent relied on CL, I went and got new patches Diana has uploaded today, made a save as per CL uninstall instructions and began to remake all the stuff that had to be remade after turning CLux off. Now the thing is, Reqtificator won't run for with the new CR patch. It gives me an error, somewhere, it would seem, around the armors part. Would you have a clue what it means?
  6. I'll copy it over to my patch, I don't touch CR so I know what's possibly my borkage and what isn't. Thanks. As for the IDs, I used the "help" command in console before and it didn't show those two (it does show the clubs). How come? And how do you find the IDs if they don't show? :o (your codes worked, huggies)
  7. So back to that Museum issue thing. I have found a few weapons that won't get displayed. So far just Iron/Steel. - Iron Club - Steel Club - Steel Scimitar - Steel Battlestaff I could add clubs via the console (the IW versions, not Requiem ones), but I only have Requiem Scimitar/Battlestaff in my game in console (both are present in Requiem for the Indifferent items list). How can I fix it? Also, Iron Scimitar cannot be smithed, while Steel Scimitar can, with just the basic perk. Idk which way it should go.
  8. I don't know about the light mods. Before this guide I wanted to go with ELFX, to revamp also interiors, but once I've learned a little more about how it's done I've decided to just ignore lighting whatsoever and wear a lantern on myself lol. The edits to cells are just SUCH a compatibility mess I don't wanna touch it or I feel I'll never get to play the game. I'd spend eternity trying to patch ECTV mods for that and do it wrong anyway cause I've no *real* idea what I'm doing :9 So I just make travel lanterns and put them where I go often and want there to be more light. Whatever xD It's a shame there isn't just some lite version of CLux without scripts or some such. Would solve the problems. As for the CTD bug, really, the best I could do is pinpoint it to those Litem entries in the Leveled Items list. NordPride, you can try to temporarily move those entries to a separate file, Reqtify the patch without them. See if it still crashes on save then. I looked them over last time and I don't see anything weird/fishy in them, my own patch that's a bundle of random edits to various things from my mod order Reqtifies just fine too. It's like there's an item or a few that Reqtificator just hates. Some script or idk. I don't know, seriously :D Doesn't make sense to me. I have this bug on two different installs, too. It's unlikely it's mod related, the .inis I got configured exactly like the guide orders, all crash fixes and stuff same thing. No clue.
  9. Ah actually nevermind, I found the uninstall instructions, but with the 120 refresh period and no glow it's behaving better, no glowing orbs so far (though last time they appeared later, so who knows). I'll probably leave it be unless it starts to act up again, no need to risk borking the save as it is now. I do however seem to have a lot of floating lanterns. I stopped taking screenshots because I think it's something with my install maybe. They're all over the smaller villages like Darkwater Crossing or some such. Like 5 per village, too fishy. I can live with it and I can of course SShot them if everyone has them, but I kinda doubt that. Something got derped :P Would you mind telling me which categories of the CR patch are getting updated? Only if it's not a problem. I have it slightly modified and if possible I'd transfer the fixed new entries into my patch over redoing it from ground up, but if it's all all over the place then nevermind of course. Ah and also, will you be including a different lighting mod in the place of CL in the guide or just remove it?
  10. Do you mean the utility that allows you remove scripts script by script manually?
  11. Hm, question about this Claralux removal - is it possible to safely remove it mid-playthrough or too risky and I should just bear with it to the end?
  12. And if you want to be hardcore use the one I'm using (Organic ENB) :D It's so damn beautiful colors and all, no FPS loss, but when it gets dark, man, it gets DARK with this setup. Like, you're gonna have to grope for that bed in the ASLAL cell dark cause you sure ain't seeing it. I don't really mind much though, I just use a lantern/torch when some interiors are too dark. But I see what JD means about how ENB might need adjustments. Darkness is okay, I just use lights, but the other way around with glaring lights it would be unplayable I think.
  13. I can't do it since my CR patch is slightly modified to suit my setup. I have moved everything but these entries (if someone's curious): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5ERts6771l1cGY4N3IyeFJaLVk into the main plugin and Reqtification gives me no trouble. My two questions from the previous still stand though.
  14. Looking things over in xEdit, I wonder two things: 1. If I manually move the missing CR patch entries in RftID will it be okay? 2. Why are there so many conflicts between RftID and CAR/IW/stuff like that? Are these entries not transferred and overwritten by blanks on purpose or should I move them too? I mean the ones that CR patch would overwrite with blanks as well, so I guess that's how it should be? But why then?
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