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  1. Hi I noticed you removed snowfall as a option in wlso, is there a reason for this? Hi I noticed you removed snowfall as a option in wlso, is there a reason for this? Sorry I didn't mean to double post
  2. I am having trouble with the ECTV Patches Merged (it crashes my game in falkreath and dawnstar) I am trying to find the patches myself best I can. There is a esp in the ECTV Patches Merged.esp called ectv merged_es.esp and dont know what it is a patch for.
  3. Hello again, I was looking though the names of the ECTV patches merged ESPs in the merge and noticed ectv merged_es.esp. What is this a patch for? Btw i have got the ETaC cities working (no crashes like the patches in the guide) with the patches supplied on their nexus page but the patches I am missing are causing crashes in solitude and riften (I guess its dawn of skyrim conflicting with something). I have also installed the claralux patches for dawn of skyrim.
  4. Alright thanks for the reply, I will wait until JD looks at ECTV. For now I will see if there are any patches like the ones provided by you on the nexus
  5. Still no luck. Is it possible I could unmerge ectv patches merged to see which patch is conflicting/not working properly or are the patches uploaded separately on the nexus somewhere?
  6. Alright thanks for responding. I expect that the ECTV patches merged were tested earlier (soon after the guide was created) as I downloaded them awhile ago (a month or 2 ago) so it isnt caused by any of the recent changes (I havnt added anything recently). I must have done something wrong in following the guide because I guess others with a complete guide dont have the same problem as me (crashes in the falkreath area ect). Another thing I have noticed is that the claralux lampposts dont have lamps on (I do remember them having lamps on awhile ago). I could re install claralux and check its patches to see if it fixes the problem (dont have time today though). Will the patches on the guide still be fine (because im not using the an up to date version)? This could fix both problems (the lamps and crashes) as there was a patch for claralux in the ECTV patches merged.
  7. Found lots of 'Error: Could not be resolved' errors for ECTV patches merged in tes5edit do you think cleaning them up will help my problem? There are a lot so thought asking first before I spend along time fixing them.
  8. So after testing ECTV patches merged with only its masters, it still crashes in the same cities. This suggests there is something conflicting with the masters for ECTV patches merged. Is there anyway to test this?
  9. Although I did install jk skyrim after i was having problems with ECTV patches so it wont be that Alright, il probably remove it then if it isnt part of the pack when i installed all my mods. So you dont know what is causing my problem with ECTV patches? I will be seeing if it conflicts with any mods today.
  10. I have installed the mods quite awhile ago (before the recent updates) so shouldn't be anything to do with that. One thing I did do was install jk skyrim recently as I must have missed it before, though that could be a new mod.I havnt installed anything else for a while.
  11. Hello, Firstly thank you for this mod pack, it must have put you a long time to put together. I have been working towards finishing this for quite along time and have nearly finished. I have installed all mods by following what you said (I think I did everything right). Everything I have tested works other than I get crashes when I go near Falkreath, Dawnstar and some (not all) other cities changed by ETAC (it happens when I fast travel or walk near the cities and when im walking it happens in the same spots every time). I have diagnosed the problem to be due to the ECTV patches merged but dont know what to do from here. I have not added/changed any mods added from the very recent mod additions (I noticed Diana_TES_GotH has been updating it in the last few days) please could you help me sort this out. Thanks.
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