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  1. Another couple of big updates on the Morrowind 2017 modding scene, carried over from the Bethesda forums, which apparently are going to be shutting down in a few days, which sucks a big duck(cough). 1. Darknut is active again and going to try to update his Greater Dwemer Ruins to version 2.0. This is mainly because one of the beta bugfixes on the latest Morrowind Code Patch breaks the last released version of GDR. Just for anyone unable to find this info themselves, the MCP fix in question is the "Cellchanged" fix. Darknut himself has said it's his mod that's broken and not a wonky code patch option, as an aside. 2. Vurt is active again and is going to be updating one of his mods. I believe he said he's going to update his Ascadian Isles tree mod, and if he has time, look into updating the Ashlands vanilla style trees. So that may be something to keep tabs on, as this guy is pretty much the primary landscaper / forester of Morrowind. 3. Abot is actively working on fixing and providing compatibiilty patches to Tomb of the Snow Prince and a bevy of related mods (such as Graphic Herbalism, Needs of Morrowind, Children of Morrowind, etc). You can find the project details here: https://abitoftaste.altervista.org/morrowind/sopp/ At the time of this posting, it was updated as recently as 2 days ago, so this is also something to keep an eye on. 4. Last but not least, there was a new guide to modding Morrowind posted on reddit recently. The author is actively updating it with suggestions from other people and it links to many of the main guides listed here, so take a gander: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UobmRY-c6HkjSwBMxUGMKRTNANURMbifr3LYRnucN_c/edit cheers
  2. Ah, one more link I forgot to include, danjb's Morrowind Today guide. I'm listing that here because although it's not well known, it has links to some little known old mods that still contain pertinent fixes (Enough is Not Enough, Potion Sorter, Named Keys, etc). Morrowind Today https://danjb.com/blog/morrowind_today_1 Also, just in case a lot of people pass this by without realizing it, the most recent Morrowind Code Patch is version 2.3, and can be found here, which is coincidentally the same place you can download the lastest beta version of MGE XE. MCP v2.3 INCLUDES THE 4GB PATCH. So you can cut that step out if you use this one. MCP Skunkworks https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/26348/? Edit: more assorted basic installation notes, and eh, at this point I'm thinking maybe I should just publish my self made guide somewhere, but: - If you're one of those people who wants to use GOTY Script Tidy but also Script Improvements at the same time, be sure to install the MINIMAL .esm version of GOTY Script Tidy (GOTYMinImpactSomeMPP.esm). Then choose the .esp version of Script Improvements, and Script Improvements will override GOTY Script Tidy where necessary, et voila, they'll work together. - Be sure to look at PeterBitt's profile page on the Nexus; this guy is continuously releasing new, small, well-thought-out and safe/clean bugfixes and improvements to Morrowind that many of the guides overlook. So far only the pastebin ones have mentioned his stuff, and even those are out of date. Of particular note are his nix hound fix, blighted creatures redone fix, the small mod suite, the cleaned up UI, signposts, and so forth and so on. - Skyrim's most recent version of Ordenador is also good for use with texture packs from older Morrowind Mods - even if you don't need to compress anything, it can generate mipmaps for textures that didn't include them, which can theoretically make some things look better / run smoother. So if you want to go that extra mile, Ordenador does still work with Morrowind. I think that's it for now. Hope it helps!
  3. Woo! I got a new graphics card! And so I am re-installing MW again, with higher quality texture mods this time around. To that effect, I wanted to point out that someone updated the pastebin guide in February of 2017. It only has minor changes from what's listed here already, but that includes at least one bugfix that isn't mentioned in the original 2016 GuideAnon version. Link: Cynderal Edition 2017 https://pastebin.com/print/B8SqRJtH
  4. Heya! Been modding Morrowind for my potato (successfully! ~300 mods on 1GB VRAM! Thanks Ordenador!) and decided to check in here before starting my Skyrim adventure yet again. Dead body collision fix sounds nice, but after having researched it extensively (like everything else) it has a problem - dead bodies can actually hem you in in a game breaking way in closed / semi-closed spaces, especially if you use mods that add more enemies to your game. I suppose it's a matter of taste - I like the idea personally too - but it has been reported as causing navigation issues by other people.
  5. Performance mods were the first thing I spent days looking at. The ones that seem to actually do something I've found: 1. If you're not using an ENB, the lighting tweak for FPS gain (not a mod, an .ini tweak, but the nexus page is good) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59533/? 2. Ye old standard, grass on steroids with the appropriate .ini tweaks (iMinGrassSize=128) , to replace other grass mods instead. This is not a gain unless you make the severe grass cut though. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33582/? 3. Skyrim Performance PLUS - reduce textures significantly on things like Riften falling aspen leaves, falling pine needles, rain, snow. Some compatibility issues with the guide I have worked out, I can post them later if anyone is interested. (mostly stuff like "don't use the water droplet enhancer with this bc it defeats te purpose" etc) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6387/? 4. Insig object remover already got a shout out 5. Fog mesh remover, remove exterior fog, and remove interior fog v2 all remove fog particles for gain. One of them even makes ENB added distant fog look better, IMO. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58212/? - this one makes ENB added distant mountain fog look nicer https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/736/? - removes dust particles in interiors https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29253/? - removes the same as no. 1 but indoors -warning - does make it darker in dungeons 6. No more glowing weapons - linked to it in an earlier post, tiny boost is still a boost ;) 7. Low res particles and decals - again, user choice, I like performance more than I like hi res decals. needs to replace some upgrades / be put after things to overwrite them, like embers, or hd fire. You can pick and choose, personally, low res smoke seems like a no brainer at least https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53692/? 9. colorful lights no shadows + DLC is problematic. yes, FPS gain and brighter interiors. unfortunately, with usleep/uskp adding a room in the ragged flagon, it bugs the flagon floor bc vanilla light sources changed (extra room added). as far as I know the dlc version has no such issue https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/10789/? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54964/? - DLC Last but not least I am trying out purity too. no idea if it's any good but if you don't use ENB it may make things ... less vanilla, IDK. My computer may not be able to handle it and its certainly no gain, but I think it's less of a loss than Vivid Weathers. there may be more, if I find the others I thought were OK I will post again. hope it helps There's also a tree performance mod available on steam only that I haven't looked at yet because steam.
  6. This is exceedingly helpful! Rugnarok and LotD are the only textures I have to be concerned about and one is a non issue :) I think I can shed light on the "weirdness" of the conflicts - Designs of the Nords is an overall banner replacer, not just a city banner replacer. Therefore the "conflicts" are probably for the generic old dwemer banners and rugs, as well as the random clutter banners, which have also been retextured very nicely. https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/13429-2-1355955828.jpg https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/13429-1-1333008359.jpg In my particular case, then I would have Rugnarok overwrite Designs of the Nords because Rugnarok is more performance friendly (at least in the resolution I'm using). For anyone else it'd be a matter of taste. edit: oh, one thing it would clash with is the hold borders flag mod, because there is no texture conflict. Therefore hold border flags would be old style and not matching with their holds anymore. cheers and thanks again!
  7. augh, I had just cut out adding in cloaks from my own install on the argument that they're kind of ugly, and now this! As a tangent to that, has using Designs of the Nords been considered as a replacement to the current Banner replacer in the guide (which is just an HD retex, not the new designs)? I am planning to do so in my own install, though I haven't gotten along far enough to see if there's any sort of conflict with everything else yet.
  8. Thanks for the very helpful answers! I have two more questions, although I suspect they might be addressed further along in the guide. 1. Compass Mod - Immersive Undiscovered Locations isn't working on my install, although I've only gotten to the start of World Expansions in the guide and not to any merges or conflict resolution patches yet. (it is activated as an unmerged mod for testing purposes) It's not a terribly important mod addition for me, but I did want to ask - do you need to convert the contents of the MO Overwrite folder into a mod and activate it before this mod will work, or am I facing some other issue that I'd theoretically have to hunt down and solve on my installation? 2. Atlas Map Markers for Skyrim / Update with MCM give me the error "SkyUI Error Code: Map Mismatch, detected 4.1, required 5.1" After I click away that error, it seems like everything is working fine, though I haven't had a chance to test this one throughly yet. I am using Sky UI 5.1. Is this something that is addressed later in the guide as well, or another homegrown error I need to spend some time hunting down on my own? cheers and thanks again. what a massive undertaking this thing the three of you are doing was / is, chapeau!
  9. Hello everyone! I finally finished crafting my basis podunk potato install based off of this one, and managed to install up through [World Expansions, Falskaar] so far - working, no framerate loss, no stuttering so far, yahoo, yeehaw, etc. I did notice a few things and have a few questions, though. 1. Some components have the instruction "Do not install the following file(s) and/or folder: docs folder, readme.txt" etc. But then the mod also has a FOMOD installer. For example, Wiseman303's Critter Fixes is like this. How do you choose not to install these select files, but still activate the FOMOD installer afterwards in Mod Organizer? I've just been going the FOMOD route and deleting the excess files from my mod folder afterwards, but if there's a simpler way to do this that I am stupidly missing, I would be happy to hear it! 2. Crash Fixes v12 installed just fine, but now when I start up SKSE from Mod Organizer, a pop-up appears telling me: However mine is set to true because I am running a Win7 64-bit OS and I read on reddit's beginner modding guides: So... should I set my ExpandSystemMemoryX64 to false to get rid of Crash Fix's warning message, or stick with the advice to keep it set to true on a 64 bit OS and just live with the popup? 3. Because I'm not using any ENB other than ENBoost for VRAM management, I was wondering whether or not it was in my interest to install the Skyrim Particle Patch / Subsurface Scattering Patch / Ice Shader fixes, which fix object meshes to better work with ENBs and correct some basic errors. I've been looking around for information on these, both on the STEP forums and off of it, and the general consenus seems to be "they don't hurt to install them anyway, as long as you let whatever mods you install afterwards overwrite them." It also seems to be a thing that many ENBs have them wrapped up already in their releases, but as I said, since I don't use anything but ENBoost, I'm not sure if I need these at all or not. If anyone has any idea I'd be happy to hear it. Installing all three creates 2 additional esp's - a flame atronach fix.esp and an ice shader fix.esp. I seem to remember a flame atronach fix being attached to *something* in this guide already, but hadn't seen anything about ice shaders or replacement ice, for that matter. 4. No Poison Dialogues 1.0 and Smaller Cursor 1.0 both come with readme.txt files that people probably don't want to install, but they aren't noted in the install guide, FYI. I'll report more things like no.4 as they pop up if I notice them, but thanks for any light anyone can shed on questions 1-3. :)
  10. ... since I can't figure out how to edit my post, 3 more: No More Glowing Weapons - this actually improves VRAM usage No More Glowing Edges - for some reason I thought this was included in STEP, but it's not? Proper Length Arrows - as someone who practices real world archery, I cry sometimes at the vanilla game. this is one small fix that makes a big immersion difference
  11. Just commenting on these: rather than DIVERSE SKYRIM, what about Diverse Guards? (adds female guards to cities) And on JK Cities Lite - the author seems to be at odds with the author of the Immersive Animations or Immersive NPCs or one of those major core mods. Anyway, the last bug I'd heard of is that Aela the Huntress shoots into a wall instead of a target or whatnot because the core mod changes the behavior of Aela, and the author of JK Cities Lite doesn't have access to whatever changes were made to the NPCs and didn't place an archery target in the right place or something. So there might be a few weird behaviour things going on in the modified city with modified NPCs. Another thing I ?think? JK Cities does is cause clipping with one of the carriages in Better Fast Travel mod (because a new carriage spawns at the same location as a new building or something?) It's been a while since I read about it, and maybe it was the full and not the lite version. But I'll throw it out there as something to look out for just in case :) On to my own suggestions: Glowing Ore Veins. There's either the classic 300 or a new one by CC that's high res and has an option for less of a glow / new ore and inglot textures. Makes minable ore veins visible with a glow. You prob want to look at CC's one, my potato wants the classic though ;) Elysium Estate (is going to be updated soon to a new, more streamlined version as well, last word from mod author was on Mar 7th 2017) + Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions. One note about Elysium Estate 4.1.1, there's apparently something up with its Nav Meshes in a way that can cause NPC followers to hang up around the estate, as well as perhaps performace issues. As I never use enough custom NPCs to notice follower NPC bugs, I can't contribute meaningfully to that discussion. Last but not least, this may already be in the guide, but I've only finished picking my way to NPC retexture options on my own so far, and I didn't think it was included in the Ruffled Feather compliation. But if it's NOT in the guide, I'd strongly advocate for it: Non-Automatic Skill Books which does exactly what it says - offers the player a chance to pass up on automatically levelling a skill when picking up a skill book. I actually modded SSE for my husband on a different, (just as potato but at least running Win10) computer previously, and somewhat following a pared down potato version of the SSE Septim guide, NASB for SE works just fine on that install. Gives me hope that it will also work just fine on this guide, and there's already a patch for it for Dragonborn on the Dragonborn Patch Central page as well ("NASB Legacy of the Dragonborn", optional file).
  12. Thanks! Actually I get CTDs in the vanilla game if I DON'T follow some kind of guide, so choosing the low res performance textures and meshes of things while cutting out the heavy scripting add-ins actually improves the performance of my game to make it playable. I struggled doing this on my own, this guide is really helpful just as a "which goes first" kind of guideline. ... plus I want to try out Falskaar and LotDB Thank you for the clear explanation, I will try doing both! I have another question: is the Falskaar Wildlfe add-on bundled into any of the later animal mods (like skyTEST), or would I need to still add that one in manually on my own? I've been looking through in the mod descriptions and it looks like it's not, but I just want to be sure. For the record, the Falskaar Wildlife add-on just creates new spawning points for passive animals and predators in Falskaar using vanilla leveled lists. I don't THINK adding it will break anything in this guide, but if it would, can someone let me know?
  13. Hello everyone. Days and days later I am still configuring and stripping down this guide to run on my podunk potato Radeon 6800 with 1GB VRAM. (Yes, it seems possible... with a lot of work). Takes a fine tooth comb, let me tell you, although this and the original guide have helped me learn a lot about modding. Anyway, another report that I had a question about: the guide currently lists to install 25.22 - Retexture for Soup - 1.4 - by quilb but also 25.27 - Rustic Cooking Station - 1.1 - by Gamwich Since I have to take a closer look at all of these anyway and get their low-res low-mes versions for my computer, I noticed that Gamwich's mod also replaces all "stews" - which sounds a lot like me as the exact same thing as the soup replacer. Am I wrong? Are bowls of "soups" and bowls of "stews" different objects in the game or is the soup mod redundant with the Gamwich one? (I am not installing it anyway, I am just asking) EDIT: ah another more important question: do you need OneTweak if you do the borderless window thing in ENBBoost instead? ([WINDOW] ForceBorderless=True, ForceBorderlessFullscreen=true in the ENBBoost ini - obviously not using any other ENB than Boost for VRAM fixing) cheers and good work so far :)
  14. Hello, I registered simply to note that there's a broken link on the locked guide. Guide: https://wiki.step-project.com/index.php?title=User%3ADarth_mathias%2FSRLE_Extended_Legacy_of_The_Dragonborn&diff=87165&oldid=87156#Getting_Started broken link: [ReLinker] TOOLReLinker - 40 - by GandaG and Hishutup Link I think it's supposed to take you to: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77959/? cheers
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