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  1. Thanks for the advice, I will make sure to have the same paths and also unique INI for each system. It makes sense, since all the hardware/screen resolution is different. The only concern I had was MCM Configuration. I'm guessing MCM is save specific? So if i were to load the save on the PC where the MCM was not originally configured it should be fine? Am I better to start a new save configure the MCM in an identical manner to the original save then load up the original save?
  2. Thank you, appreciate the reply. I will keep going with the current game and see how it goes. I'm not to concerned just was wandering if it was known bug with shaders being applied when there is no weather effect for that particular shader, like get snowy. Thanks again
  3. Hi, I think I'm having some issues with the weather system. The game runs really well everything is stable I'm on like day 15 in game. However having been hanging out around Whiterun/Helgen/Bleak Falls/Windhelm. It always seems to be sunny no rain or snow in the 15 days no fog no other effect occasional cloudy sky but that is it. The reason it makes me think its bugged is that when I up helgen direction in the mountains it was cloudy but no snow and my character was covered in snow. I have a full STEP installed including weathers all MCM Settings are on default for weather except the recommended setting in step guide. I have no ENB set up at all Any help would be great thanks
  4. Hi, I have quick question. I currently have step setup on my main PC. The setup is i7 9700k 32GB RAM and stock 2080ti 4k screen I was wandering if I were to set STEP up on my laptop in an identical manner would it break my saves? As in i want to use the same save on both systems. The laptop is i7 9570H 32GB RAM 2070maxq and 1080p screen. Will the variation in the hardware have an effect on the save or is it only the mod order and ESP and ESM that are important? Thanks for the help I appreciate it a bit of a first world problem
  5. Its still down. Will there be an alternative if the link doesn't recover? Will it cause issues not having it? It would really help if anyone in the community could share it if they still have it. Thanks
  6. Its still down. Will there be an alternative if the link doesn't recover? Will it cause issues not having it? It would really help if anyone in the community could share it if they still have it. Thanks
  7. Well its onward with my requiem play through. The issue for me with the horse was in the Message Record under FULL - Name had to change it from My Horse to <Base Name> and as well as overriding the Requiem Immersive Horses Patch into a separate patch and putting bellow AOS Patches. All good for now see what else will come up at some point no doubt. I love these pack but like you say it can take days to make them up, so I'm just a bit reluctant to redo the YASH guide. Will see though depends how far I get on this requiem play through before getting bored. What ENB do you use by the way? I cant seem to ever decide at the moment I got Vivid Weathers ENB with Vivid Weathers. Didn't like the NVLA one very much also was a pain to integrate into the pack.
  8. I don't think its just the race record. Some faction records are overwritten as well by MA and AOS. I might try out the YASH guide. However I already got ovet 700 mods from SRLE LOTD and Reqtuufied in MO, adding more will just make it waaaay to messy. I wish profiles im MO didn't t show mods from other profiles
  9. No I know you weren't knocking on the authors. With this many mods there bound to be problems. Im currently working on my own patch hopefully it will work, we shall see. Looking through xedit. The culprits are RMA and some edits from AOS and its patches but couldn't see anything from wildcat mod
  10. I think the authors done an incredible job considering the scale of the pack. I would imagine there would be some issues. Im not an expert by any means but im gonna try rebuilding the merge where immersive horses used as a master and moving IH related mods below MA. Then redoing all dynamic patches again. I cant really be bothered going through whole of YASH guide. Whats it like anyways? I really want to do a requiem playthrough so want to try and get this sorted.
  11. Did you ever manage to fix this issue? I think somewhere earlier on you were talking about loading 'traders patch' (not sure what patch you were talking about) after Minor Arcana would fix it. I cant move IH below MA as The legacy of the dragonborn merege uses IH as a master. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. I do have the latest version of BtC I'll just need to spend some time looking through tes5edit i guess and see if i can get it patched.
  13. Ok figured out the bandoliers. I had them activated in CCOR but the guide doesnt include them as an asset so I will just de activate the option CCOR. Tested some other closed faced helmets all work fine just not the steel plate.
  14. Thanks got NVLA working. But now having issues with missing textures. Not sure if i had issues with merges. i can craft bandoliers but cant see them. Also if i wear a steel plate helmet my char face is invisible. Will need to look through the merges and see if it missed any textures from the bandolier mod
  15. Thanks again. I will play around with NVLA and the WLSO and see if i can get them to work. I think you're right ill try merging nvla esp into the WLSO merge. The patch I was talking about is the one that fixes glowing water at night for ENBs but no matter I dont think its needed either
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