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  1. That's my thinking too, going to redo my Dyndolod patch today once I cut down on some mods.
  2. Yeah, I'm probably absolutely using the wrong terminology. Luckily though, you get what I meant. No Grass in Objects and Dyndolod are the perfect playmates.
  3. After I saw your post and you mentioning large reference; I decided to mess with that setting under prefs, turned it to 0. I still had flickering windows but that could be attributed to something else while the flickering LOD went away completely. Since I'm also running that funky grass mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/42161) which pre-caches all your grass and then cedes control of largeref grass to Dyndolod (grass for days at a reasonable performance cost my friend! It's glorious!) that felt like a huge, huge leap back in graphics. Since it's a bug with the engine, unless you know of a magic fix, I guess I've 3 choices. 1. Enable all the precached grass, not allowing Dyndolod any control over it (8fps on an RTX 3080 lol) 2. Turn off or turn largeref down which screws with the funky grass mod. or 3. Suck it up and deal with it; I'm lucky a coding wizard like yourself has managed to release such a sexy beast of an add-on for Skyrim in the 1st place. Pretty sure option 3 is the best one here, lol. Thanks for your help!
  4. Okay, my bad on the modwatch thing; The castle for Whiterun flickers until you get close. Thanks for taking the time to answer me, I'll try looking through the forums and see if anyone else has this issue.
  5. Hey! I've been having this issue for well over a year; I follow the instructions for Dyndolod+Open Cities in the manual/from the GamerPoets web page, generate my LOD and get double LODs created for these cities and I could really use the help getting this nightmare fixed. To clarify; the tutorial told me to; Disable Open Cities+patches Run Dyndolod+select appropriate setting (high+custom tree and water LOD rules for getting rid of water LOD seams+generating 3D tree LODs which worked fantastically! Basically all I did was make use of the full models for water and used the appropriate static models for trees) Disable generate Dyndolod, enable the other options (except trees for me as generating 3D tree LODs means generate tree LOD is greyed out, per the manual instructions) Start+exit (not save+exit when complete) Comment out Open Cities from Dynodlolod_SSE.ini under the heading warnmodfilename+save document Re-enable Open Cities+patches in your load order Run Dyndolod+select identical setting which you selected in .2 Enable generate Dyndolod, disable generate *insert option here* Start+save and exit when complete. Install via your method of choice. I've also minded my load order since Dyndolod copies records from the last overriding file (this fixed my Solitude Open Cities LOD issue) but this hasn't fixed my Whiterun Open Cities LOD issue (and I've no city overhaul mods installed specifically for Whiterun so conflicting records in theory shouldn't be an issue here). So....ummm...please help? lol Attached is my load order in it's full glory! LoadOrder_SkyrimSE_2021-04-16T14-39-55.txt
  6. Yep, looks like Windows 7 install is buggered up. Works fine on Win 10 x64 and x86. Until I feel like doing a fresh install it's bypassable simply by copying SKyrim to the windows 10 SSD, running the patcher and then copying it back over to the Win 7 SSD. Thanks for the help!
  7. There's no created event log for the crash, which makes sense if it's an overheating issue. I had a very slight OC on my memory and CPU, I've reverted and am testing now. After that I'll try dual booting from Win 10 and running Dyndolod x64 from that OS...I can't guarantee this copy of Windows 7 but I can definitely guarantee my copy of Windows 10. I just hope the patcher won't derp out since Windows 10 is on a separate SSD. Guess I'll start there and report back my findings. Thanks for your help!
  8. UPDATE: I was basing the no crashing when not using the ADvanced options off of an earlier install which I replaced today, turns out it crashes my computer no matter what I do. Again, it's easily reproduced on my side...all I have to do is run the x64 patcher and wait for the crash.
  9. Hello, long time user of dyndolod here. I decided to reinstall Skyrim today and got around to the final step (Dyndolod installation) but I have a small issue. I use the x64 exe provided with the program files after generating the lods with texgenx64 and wehn I get to the Advanced settings page of Dyndolod x64 if I do not check generate dyndolod my computer will make a clicking noise followed by a crash with no errors. It's not the Click of Death because I only use SSDs and I've done basic diagnostics on my system to make sure nothing is dying (computer isn't overheating, chkdsk comes back clean, etc, etc...I used to be tech support for a major ISP which didn't use scripts so I'd like to think I know my basics when it comes to troubleshooting) However, if I do not go into the advanced settings there is no issue and Dyndolod finishes as per normal. Is this a known bug? I can easily recreate this issue and unfortunately, I'm afraid that this could eventually cause corruption or other fun things that can sometimes happen when an OS is repeatedly not shut down correctly. I'm using Windows 7 Home if that makes any difference. The saving grace here is unlike earlier versions I don't seem to need to worry about Open Cities and can just create everything at once with the fully automated process without having the crappy vanilla LOD placed on top of the Open Cities altered world space so it's not particularly a problem unless I make it a problem. I'd be happy to provide you with any records or additional information you may need, however I am quite busy so it may take me a few days to get you the information. Thanks for the awesome program, it's made my Skyrim look fantastic without pushing my ugrids past 7!
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