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  1. Long time lurker of this thread, thanks all for your hard work. I just completed the oldrim version of this guide that I set up in 2016. I was thinking that to bridge the time until this guide is finished, I could play some of the bigger quest mods, that won't be part of Lexy's LOTD SE, in a smaller mod pack. So do you guys have recommendations for big quest mods that are worth playing but definitely won't be part of this guide (or at least it's very unlikely)? So far I have: Maids 2 Beyond Reach the two Rigmor mods Wyrmstooth SE Summerset Isle and Pirates (either in oldrim or I convert them)
  2. In addition to the other suggestions you have gotten so far: Check if you have multiple SKSE.ini files. You might have one in skyrim/data/SKSE/SKSE.ini and another one in a mod folder which would overwrite the one from the data folder.
  3. Hey, I added Vilja and ViljaSolstheim to the guide, when I started my playthrough last year. So far I have not encountered any major problems, all her quests and scripts seem to run fine, however my character has not been in Solstheim yet, so I don't know about that part. I would not merge these two mods. As a rule of thumb I would not merge mods when the author intended one esp to overwrite parts of another esp, as is the case here. Any "conflict" between Vilja and Vilja Solstheim is obviously what the authors intended. Two minor bugs with Vilja in this guide: She has a very obvious neckseem. Might be better or worse depending on your re-texture mods. I gave her Sophia's skin textures and that fixed it.She sometimes has problems drawing a shield from her back, gets stuck in the draw weapons animation, then a few seconds later fights with an invisible shield. Nothing major but I guess some issues with her wardrobe system, animation replacers and maybe FNIS?
  4. For what it is worth my personal experience. I have added these two and their patches (I think underground has a CACO patch?) to the guide, no errors, no conflicts so far. However, I wouldn't recommend these two if you are super strict about lore-friendlyness, as they have a goofy un-skyrimly tone. Wyrmstooth This one was a little more work: Followed the guide, and made sure the end result was working and stable. Made a new profile for adding wyrmstooth(call me unnecessarily uber-careful but I recommend it) cleaned the textures (like described for Falskaar) Merged all the patches and fixes for Wyrmstooth to one esp and modfolder Install order was Wyrmstooth and Wyrmstooth cleaned textures very early between Falskaar and Moon and star, the patch folder very late with all the other compatibility patches didnt seem to require conflict resolution so I just user the guides conflict resolution esp reran all the patchers (like ASIS and dynolod) and wyre bash profit!
  5. Could be Helgen Reborn. Try starting a new game with the Helgen Reborn esp deactivated and activate it once you are far away from Helgen and a few in-game days have passed, or use an alternative start.
  6. In case it isn't obvious this is actually not a bug but an intended feature of The Choice is yours https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26359/? There is also a painting blocking the door to the Solitude sewers (Undeath) in the Bard's College
  7. I have a problem with the helmet of the nightingale armor. For males, the helmet is visible but the head underneath is invisible. For females the entire head is invisible. This affects player characters and NPCs (Brynjolf and Karliah). I vaguely remember that this is a very old bug that I had to deal with back in like 2013, so it might not be related to SRLE LotD at all...
  8. Might be baked into your savegame. Have you tried starting a new game and seeing if the object is where it should be?
  9. Check the folder of the mod, if you are not sure. If a BSA is properly extracted MO will delete it and you will only see the extracted content as loose files. If you see a BSA then generally speaking nothing was extracted from it. This may get confusing when a mod has a BSA AND loose files, or if you install a mod twice, one time extracting it, second time not. So in case of doubt delete that mod folder and install new :)
  10. I was in the same situation, in my playtrough as relic hunter. Have you done the other part of the first LOTD quest, getting the dragonstone? This started the main quest properly for me. EDIT: Additionally, have you done all the Alternate Start stuff in Helgen? Triggered both cave ins? Sent either the Stormcloak guy or Legion guy to Riverwood?
  11. I have found this to be true for certain grass textures. Eldergleam Sanctury is a good example, because it's a cave covered with grass. The rocks and dirt textures are illuminated beautifully by all light sources, but the grass stays pitch black. Getting very close with a torch in hand + magelight barely makes them appear dark green-grey.
  12. One more suggestion, in case this wasn't on your radar yet: Interesting NPCs - 3DNPC - Overhaul https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74250/? While I love Interesting NPCs, the vanilla-ish look of the new NPCs can be quite glaring in a pack that has a lot of beautification mods (bijin, men of winter,...) installed. It's one of these once-noticed-you can't-unsee-it things for me. This mod overhauls the looks of quite a few interesting NPCs to better fit the improved looks of vanilla NPCs. I was able to add this to my "NPC retextured merged.esp" without issues.
  13. I just checked this and I'm afraid you are wrong. The meshes from Animated Dwemer Lift Load Doors are not included in the latest version of SMIM 2.4. In fact you can install them over SMIM without a single conflict. And they work fine in game, the dwemer lifts actually move a little up or down after you pull the lever, looks neat. This might look weird with dwemer lifts added by mods. If they are placed on top of another surface, the lift would move down and clip trough the ground. Soo this is an immersive mod and a simple mesh replacer, why not add it to LotD?
  14. From looking at the changelogs, the mod was removed in August 2013 without explanation in a "back to basics" update. It looks as if, Neovalen felt that the pack had become to bloated at this point and restarted development from scratch.
  15. Didn't you guys plan to have a public list on google docs of already suggested/accepted/rejected mods? I haven't followed this thread for some time, so sorry if you already posted that link or you changed your mind on making it public.
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