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  1. Oh and this is most likely because I have a smaller mod list going, so I might have missed some patches and whatnot, so it's my fault
  2. I tried that, didn't really help but I found if I don't use shift and space to select multiple at once it works more often. Right now I am getting a crash when I get near some mine with "Skyrim has crashed because an object reference with form ID:0x94B26" how do I check what is causing this in tesxedit? Edit: okay, it seemed to be TAFM merged so I disabled that and it seems to be fixed. :D
  3. It just doesn't load some plugins randomly, it doesn't say missing masters or any other reason just "access violation" and then it can load them the next time, so annoying :c Same thing with wrye bash, it just doesn't open, but wrye bash for oblivion or fallout 4 opens perfectly
  4. So after having issues with wrye bash and merge plugins I've gotten a smaller mod list, still based around this guide. But do I really need all the patches from CORE and OPTIONAL archives? And if so, is there any other way to merge them without mergeplugins?
  5. Does anyone know how to fix wrye bash not launching for skyrim? It launches for FO4 and Oblivion just fine
  6. Seems to be setup like in the guide, and it did work for all the other patches without a problem, also checked The Choice is yours esps and I have all their masters enabled and they're at the bottom in the right order. I've messed around with permissions, atm I set both MO and MP to always run as admin and have no AV running but it doesn't help. edit: Just tried for one more time before going to bed, and it bloody worked! Only for weapon fixes remade patches... Still something. Do I have to win the lottery for it to load all of them??? And just to clarify, I'm not trying to merge them all at once, just that I've tried the WFR ones first and it worked. Now tried Undeath and TCIY and it didn't load any of them. Anyway, I'm afraid I'll have to go now and try again tomorrow, but this thread has saved me from just quitting and waiting 'till SKSE64 more than twice already! You guys are great.
  7. Only loading the needed ones and masters. Also I've noticed that the first file not loading is Dawnguard and then I guess other files which have it as master fail too... Most annoying thing is that I've done the other patches without problems, and now the last four simply don't want to cooperate :c
  8. Can I skip the last four merged patches or do them through some other utility? Merged plugins just doesn't want to load them. And the thing is, this time it loaded 3 of the 4 undeath esps without telling me there was an error, so I feel like I could've missed some ESPs in other merges due to this annoying access violation thing...
  9. Alright I'm really sorry for spamming this thread, but now Merge plugins won't load all the requiem minor arcana patch ESP's due to Exception and access violation errors. I've disabled my AV and win defender, tried setting all mod folders to non-read only (was it supposed to be set to that? all MO mod folders are read only for some reason). Also just up until now it wasn't loading all the RDO patches either, and I have no idea what fixed it. Jeez, I have a feeling that when I finally install the whole thing I will find out I have done a hundred things the wrong way
  10. Yeah I was trying to correct it asap when I realized my stupidity, but found no edit button. Thanks anyway!
  11. Oh woops, didn't notice that the error is from the merged ESP which will be replaced as you said. Thanks!
  12. so do I just set ignore errors and build merge anyway? Also it says that I will need to rebuild some navmesh in CK after the merge is done. Is that the same error?
  13. Can anyone help (again, sorry :d) with skycity3 (Markarth rising) errors during the ECTV merge? https://i.imgur.com/R0WWIWE.png I've run fix errors a couple times and saved skycity3.esp when it asked, should I not have done that?
  14. And also what to do with amidianborn Imperial forts then? It says to move the optional textures to SoL forts mod folder. Send help, I'm lost.
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