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  1. He'll be relieved to hear that the fix is that simple, thank you for your time! I will and as for my friend i will tell him to check his logs as you suggested, thank you kindly.
  2. I have two questions, one for me and another for a friend of mine. Are there any special steps i need to take into account when i've overhauled the Commonwealth into a winter wasteland with Icepick Overhaul and some added pine trees? Icepick Overhaul is packaged into a BA2 if that matters. And a friend of mine has mistakenly pressed the Generate LodGen button in Fo4Edit and now his game is kinda messed up. Can someone help the fellow by telling me which files he needs to remove from his data folder so he can get his Mad Max desert Commonwealth back?
  3. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.
  4. I've got DynDOLOD working smoothly and no issues to report. But of course i can't leave well enough alone. For the past two hours i'v tried to use Google in a fruitless attempt to find an answer to a seemingly simple question (and of course i can't find the dedicated manual about the subject anymore). Do i or do i not need to update DynDOLOD if i'm planning to install two new player homes? I intend to pick two out off the list found here: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/11462-dyndolod-2xx-full-update-post/ since those can apparently be installed without updating DynDOLOD (unless i misunderstood). If i do need to update DynDOLOD, i'll give those coveted player homes a pass. Because, like i said, everything works like a charm right now and i'd rather keep it that way.
  5. Thank you for replying Sheson, i went ahead and got to generate the terrain lod without issues. (It's actually less daunting than i first thought once you read a bit about the subject and understand the mechanics). :)
  6. I'm getting a bit flustered at having to annoy people here with my constant and amateur questions but anyways... I just installed Dyndolod and imagine my surprise when it actually worked after the first try despite my huge load order, so that's peachy. Although what i didn't expect was that i would still have that annoying terrain pop up if i looked in the distance and i would like to remedy that by using this application. What i would like to know is: can i still use this tool after i successfully installed Dyndolod? Are there any extra precautions i need to take (apart from not selecting trees and object lods during installation)? Thanks in advance, in the meanwhile i'll try looking for an answer myself and will delete this post if i do.
  7. I can't seem to edit my previous post? Anyway, turns out i need DynDOLOD to achieve what i want, so feel free to ignore my question in my other post.
  8. I was always bothered by how blurry the terrain became if you looked past a certain point (it's especially bad when you walk from Riverwood to Whiterun and you see landscape parts and farms pop up as you get closer) so this mod is exactly what i was looking for, thanks! I just need to know one thing. The only landscape overhaul i'm using is Noble Skyrim. Is xLODGen compatible with that mod out of the box? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you so much for replying so swiftly. :) Well, then i have no reason not to use your utility. Cheers.
  10. Hello. After much hemming and hawing, i'm about to use BethINI for Skyrim Special Edition, but i had two questions first. Is it still possible to add my own INI tweaks after i use your application? I added some tweaks to lower the camera for my custom race and i would like to keep them, if possible. And secondly, if, for whatever reason, i had to revert back to my default INI's , do i need to go back to a save from before i used BethINI? Thanks in advance and apologies for the amateur level of my questions.
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