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  1. The only time I ever got white flashes was years back on LE -- caused by some bad nifs (some of the candlesticks from Dungeons Clutter Improved).
  2. I need to use the "Make New Record From Overrides" script in SSEdit to fix a mod with large ref problems... however it fails on line 21: [00:00] Start: Applying script "Make new records from overrides" Override to new record: [REFR:04036C19] (places _SNSnowDriftL02 "Snow" [ACTI:0A001826] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:0400EDC5] (in DLC2SolstheimWorld "Solstheim" [WRLD:04000800] at 16,16)) Updating ref: REFR \ NAME - Base \ _SNSnowDriftL02 "Snow" [ACTI:0A001826] [00:00] Exception in unit line -1: Error in unit 'OverridesToNewRecords' on line 21 : Type mismatch [00:00] Error during Applying script "Make new records from overrides": Error in unit 'OverridesToNewRecords' on line 21 : Type mismatch Here's the script code: { Convert overrides into new records, all references are updated with reindexed FormIDs too so they must already exist in a plugin. For example if you have an override of worldspace record [WRLD:00001234] which references water [WATR:00005678], after applying script it would become [WRLD:01001234] referencing [WATR:01005678] (assuming plugin is loaded at index 01). } unit OverridesToNewRecords; procedure UpdateReferences(e: IInterface; ModLoadOrder: integer); var ref: IInterface; i: integer; begin ref := LinksTo(e); if Assigned(ref) then if GetLoadOrder(GetFile(ref)) <> ModLoadOrder then begin i := GetLoadOrderFormID(ref); i := (i and $FFFFFF) or (ModLoadOrder shl 24); AddMessage('Updating ref: ' + Path(e) + ' \ ' + GetEditValue(e)); SetEditValue(e, IntToHex(i, 8)); end; if CanContainFormIDs(e) then for i := 0 to ElementCount(e) - 1 do UpdateReferences(ElementByIndex(e, i), ModLoadOrder); end; function Process(e: IInterface): integer; var i, fid: integer; begin // not an override if IsMaster(e) then Exit; AddMessage('Override to new record: ' + Name(e)); i := GetLoadOrder(GetFile(e)); UpdateReferences(e, i); fid := GetLoadOrderFormID(e); fid := (fid and $FFFFFF) or (i shl 24); SetLoadOrderFormID(e, fid); end; end. Line 21 is SetEditValue(e, IntToHex(i, 8)); I could really use some help making this script work -- it comes with SSEdit, I didn't write it.
  3. How would I go about fixing this in iNeeds - Extended.esp (there's a bunch of these, but for brevity only posting one): <Warning: Base record type not STAT or MSTT for large reference iNeed - Extended.esp [REFR:0009840B] (places _SNSnowDriftM01 "Snow" [ACTI:0A001829] in GRUP Cell It changes the large Showdrifts into activators (using same nif) so that you can gather snow. That's cool, I'd like to keep it... but it's not critical to the mod functioning. I know what the problem is, as per DynDoLod manual... The base record not being of the type STAT or MSTT. For example if the base record is changed by a plugin for a large reference, even if the plugin is an ESM. A warning message Base Record Type Not STAT or MSTT For Large Reference is written to the message log. ... but not sure what to do about it if I want to keep these activators functioning. Would I really need to removing the mod's changes to these recard while also placing an invisible activator at all those locations? Or is there something easier I can do? Maybe the easiest thing to do (not 100% sure this would work) would be to copy all these worldspace edits as new records into a new esp (instead of overrides) modify the nif to be invisible (or just have no nif? dunno), move the model origin up by a couple of z units, then delete all the original worldspace edits? EDIT: I'm working on trying this now... It REALLY sucks that xEdit doesn't have a "Deep Copy as New Record" function -- I have to "copy as new record" each one individually. EDIT2: There are too many records to do this by hand, and the xEdit script "Mark new records from overrides" would be perfect if it actually worked (fails on line 21).
  4. If you use xEdit to flag every plugin in your load order as an ESM, you gain the following benefits: 1) "Fixes" the _Overwritten_ large reference bug since ESM's can overwrite large references. 2) "Fixes" the esp temporary reference bug* * All temporary references in esp are treated as persistent references which are kept in memory forever (loaded before you get to the main menu) and there's a relatively low max of 10^20 in memory (CTD when exceeded) Downside(s): Seriously I can't think of any. What am I missing here? Of course it would be ideal to have the game or MO2/Vortex/Whatever automatically promote esp's to esm when loading the game, but that functionality doesn't exist. EDIT: I'm working on a program that will wrap (I believe I can do that part simply with a batch file) around the exe which flags non-esm's as esm and then puts them back after the game exits.
  5. Quick question related to: Warning: Initially disabled large reference in RealisticWaterTwo - Resources.esm [REFR:0600AE48] (places RockPileL02Wet [STAT:00039393] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:000095D7] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at 10,-1)) I fixed the above by un-disabling it and sticking it way deep into the ground. However, I thought ESM's were able to edit large references (that's how I end up fixing most "Overwritten large reference" warnings -- by flagging the esp as an esm). Why is disabling them different? Was marking it as "deleted" a valid option (instead of moving it under ground since it's a reference this esm added and also marked as disable)?
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