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  1. Both sentences (I think) get the point across, but yours is (to me) less ambiguous because it briefly describes the process.
  2. Adjusting ELE - Enhanced Light for ENB's brightness to preference is possible: Download XEdit Script - Adjust interior lighting (the last optional mod) from the mod page and install the 3 scripts in the archive to your xEdit Edit Scripts folder. Follow the directions for use posted by JawZENB (the creator of the scripts ?) and you will be able to adjust the brightness to your preference. I've done it twice, and it worked each time (the 2nd time was to reach the desired level of fBrightness=2.0).
  3. Earlier today I started playing SSE using my completed STEP SE Core Beta v0.1.0 build. Steam and SSE were installed on a freshly installed/formatted C: drive, and all mods and tools listed are installed per the Guide. The only deviation from the Guide was that the highest detail meshes and textures available for each mod were installed, instead of the Guide recommendations. Ultra was selected during the BethINI Customization, TexGen generated 512byte LOD textures and DynDOLOD was configured for full 3D trees. SSE ran without incident the first time I started it, and has run without incident since that first start. My GPU's temperature reached the low 80s while walking from Helgen to Riverwood, and looked like it would continue to climb, so I exited SSE, selected High during a BethINI Re-Customization, and re-configured TexGen for 256byte textures and DynDOLOD for hybrid trees. The GPU operating temperature now hovers around the high 70s walking in a forested area. Still no CTD's or other incidents. I'll continue to test this build.
  4. I figured as much. Regarding the Optional BethINI Customization, the Details Tab is displayed when either the Details or Interface icon is selected.
  5. TechAngel85, excellent guide! Thank You, again, for your efforts. I think Line #5 of Install DynDOLOD Resources SE in the DynDOLOD section of the Guide should refer to DynDOLOD Resources SE, and not to DynDOLOD.esp.
  6. Merry Christmas to you, TechAngel85, and my heartfelt "Thanks!" to you, z929669, and everyone else who worked on this release. I didn't respond to this wonderful news yesterday because I was busy setting up my Christmas present. This release gives me the best opportunity I can think of to test my new computer!
  7. Welcome back, z929669. I hope the moving and renovation goes well.
  8. It's so hard to Wait Buffalo Springfield Last Time Around (Released July 30, 1968) (Track 2) Writers: Neil Young & Richie Furay Guitars: Stephen Stills, Richie Furay & Neil Young Good things come to those that wait Nayobe Catalina Gomez (known professionally as Nayobe) Released in 1986
  9. I would not have it any other way, look forward to using it when it is released, and offer my thanks to everyone working on it.
  10. I've learned many programming languages over the years, but have no knowledge of Ruby, or that server-side web application framework. I could learn about it, but that would not fill your need for a knowledgeable developer. If I can help search for one, let me know.
  11. The warnings you see when running CK2 are normal, and can be safely ignored (although if you ever wanted to you can go though them and learn more about why they're being generated), but if you follow the Configure The Creation Kit directions on the Prerequisites Page you won't see them. One of the lines in the premade CreationKitCustom.ini file you download and install in your SkyrimSE home directory tells the CK2 to not display the messages.
  12. OK, thanks. I was thinking that with the upgrade, the patches would change.
  13. DarkladyLexy, in the 22/05/18 Change Log, you posted the [Know Your Enemy] update to v6.0.0 and updated KYE Patches Merged by adding know_your_enemy_armors.esp and know_your_enemy_silver.esp to it. I'm wondering why you didn't post an update to Animals Merged?
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