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  1. Hello everyone, A tiny mod suggestion to tweak the menu system: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18397 When you press esc button, you now open on the system tab, not the quest tab. It was driving nuts!
  2. Also in my experience, if you only use some of the NPC retexture mods and esp and ignore the NPC retexture merge, do not let these esp merge into the bashed patch. It can result in aforementionned conflicts and bugged characters with dark faces.
  3. It helped in that I am now 100% sure that the caravan is definitely not in Falkreath, so thank you ;) I was actually looking at the wrong forums (LOTD ones), the answer was in the Moonpath to Elsweyr forums and patch mod page (Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr patch): "It also prevents the quest from starting and the Khajiit from spawning until "The Way of the Voice" has been completed, as the NPCs in Moonpath repeatedly refer to the player as "Dovahkiin" My character is no Dragonborn material, I have completely ignored the main quest. Mystery solved :)
  4. Hi everyone, I have reached the "staff of Indarys" quest from LOTD. According to the quest, I must catch the Khajit caravan in Falkreath. However there is no Khajit caravan in Falkreath. From my Oldrim build (Darth' guide), I remember clearly that the caravan was just outside the Falkreath inn. I don't know if 1) the caravan has been moved maybe? 2) it is a patch that needs (re)installing 3) this something that was fixed in LOTD 4.0 (my playthrough is 3+ weeks old, still running with LOTD 3.7).
  5. All the imperial captains in patrols I met were wearing a fancy dark armor, with no helmet.
  6. Interestingly enough, AVG (free) did flag and removed the MO2 exe at some point, I had to add it to the exceptions. It was a while ago I had completely forgottten about it. About Scarcity, I have now played 50+ hours in this playthrough, and the (empty) chests at the end of ruins and dungeons feel more and more like an unnecessary slap in the face. Maybe it is just a matter of changing the options in the fomod.
  7. Thank you for the reply! I did a quick search online and indeed it is meant to be that way. It looks like each new Beyond skyrim region will add its own version of the base game weapons and armor. I can live with that :)
  8. Hi everyone, I have a bit of a glitch with the forge. Many items (ex: iron dagger) have two options in the forge menu, they have different appearance but identical recipe. However only one of the iron dagger was recognized by the crafting tutorial quest given by Adrianne in Whiterun. Crafting the other one wasn't updating the quest. There seems to be retextured duplicates for all vanilla weapons an armors only. So it seems that rather than replacing vanilla textures for weapons and armors, *something* added new versions of them, unrecognized by some of the vanilla quests. I am struggling to identify the mod/patch/tweak responsible so I can reinstall and fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Sure but currently it doesn't work without any enb, so I might as well try :)
  10. I haven't installed any ENB presets (just did the steps in Prerequisites) and I am also having bright nights, as well as other funky visual glitches related to vivid weather. If I load the game and change the vivid weather settings in-game (MCM or book) like bloom, saturation etc, things change as they should, however overtime, during the same session they start glitching. For example bloom on setting 3 starts making a blinding white sky, after maybe 30 minutes of gaming. Switching back to Bloom-2 (default) fixes it but all the settings are then rendered useless, either having no effects or glitchy effects. If I save, quit the game, and load again, I can change the vivid weather settings again to my liking but eventually, it glitches again. I tried filmic and classic version of vivid weathers. It is a weird one so I just gave up on changing Vivid weather settings. I am considering redoing the weather mods + merge completely, again, or trying an ENB preset on top of it and see if it changes anything. I had more or less the same concern as Decopauge123 regarding the ENB ini settings
  11. I have/had the dark face bug on a few children, including Dorthe and Babette. I had a look at SSEdit to see which esp were dealing with these two NPCs and after a few tries at moving the esp order and removing others, it seems that zEdit was the only culprit. I disabled the zEdit esp and Babette now has a normal pale face with blond hair as intended. What does zEdit do exactly? And what problem can I face if I keep it disabled?
  12. Hi everyone, I have a ... boob question I guess. My character is a rather skinny female. The armors do fit my char's body shape nicely. However mages robes and tunics (like the prisoner's in the beginning) make her look *huge*. This seems to be the case for all females I saw wearing mages outfits at the College. Did I miss a conversion somewhere?
  13. Hello everyone, I have been rebuilding everything from the ground up for the past few days, and it's been quite succesful so far performance wise, thank you for the advices :) If I don't want to install some of the optional NPC retexture mods (e.g. no Bijins and no 3dnpc) and need to build my own NPC merge, would the following be the correct procedure: 1. Don't remove the esp from the original mods. 2. Place all the esps in a separate mod folder ege "NPC esps" 3. order the selected mods esp in the right pane according to Lexy's own NPC merge esp list 4. follow normal merge plugin procedure, naming the merged esp "NPC retexture merge SSE.esp" 5. Place merge mod after the last mod included (in my case valerica), activate. 6. Deactivate the NPC esp mod. 7. Run loot, give merge esp priority 75 Thank you in advance
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