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  1. I had this issue in a previous revision (I haven't done the post OMEGA revision) and I believe it had to do with xLODGEN, but I couldn't find the exact cause. When I removed all of the post mod install stuff (so xLODGen, DynDOLOD, bash, smash, fnis) my game loaded fine, adding it all back made it not fine. And I encountered a lot of issues with xLODGEN because it was taking up massive amounts of RAM and even with the only thing on my PC running being MO2 and xLODGEN my 16GB of RAM was being exhausted.
  2. It's kay, i've done the guide I don't know how many times and I find something new every time. It's an absolutely massive guide so it's understandable IMO. It takes me over a week to implement this many mods and it's easy for me to read something on a Monday and forget it by the time I need it Friday.
  3. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20035 This new follower looks super interesting, so happy to see another high quality male follower. It has interactions with a lot of the mods in the guide so it may be a nice addition.
  4. Getting the following error in LOOT after updating all of my metadata: Cyclic interaction detected between "RSC Keld-Nar Patch.esp" and "Better Dynamic Snow.esp". Back cycle: Better Dynamic Snow.esp, ETaC - Better Dynamic Snow Patch.esp, Keld-Nar.esp, RSC Keld-Nar Patch.esp This is because RSC Keld-Nar Patch.esp is in the default group, which is before Arthmoor's villages. Assigning RSC Keld-Nar Patch to the Arthmoor's Villages LOOT group resolves the issue.
  5. You make separate MO2 profiles for every merge? I suppose that might not be a bad idea. Still an issue that should probably be addressed somewhere in the guide unless I just happened to be the only person having the issue, but I have it at least once every time I make a load order.
  6. Can I suggest making a copy of modlist.txt available somewhere in the guide either the file or just the text for copy/paste? I have a lot of issues with Merge Plugins - one of them being it rewriting modlist.txt to something completely random and fixing it requires manually resorting the entire load order.
  7. Ahh, I actually really like the survival/needs mods, I'm afraid to try playing without them but I know they are also script heavy so maybe I'll try without them and see how enjoyable the game is.
  8. I'm having what I believe to be high script latency when using SRLE: LotD lately. Are there any mods you'd recommend to remove that might mitigate that? 3DNPC is almost for sure out, as is ICAIO. I also don't care much for the little things like Face to face conversation, Dynamic Things is potentially on my list to remove as well. Are there any others?
  9. Interesting! I will keep this on hand when I take the dive (hopefully in the next few days). When given the choice, were you able to stick with 2k textures or did you drop down to 1k for any? I notice the setup you used in this only had 2gb vram, that's quite low!
  10. I've never played Requiem before and I'm looking to try giving it a go, I've used the SRLE: LotD guide with a number of performance issues on my gtx 970. I want to give this a go before switching finally to SSE, since there'll likely never be SKSE64 this'll probably be my last chance to try Requiem. Does anyone use this guide with a gtx 970 and do you have any tips for keeping it somewhat performance friendly? with SRLE: LotD I stuck strictly with all 2k textures and still had some pretty bad stutter at times (but I think it may have been script lag). The city mods in particular concern me, but I did find someone back in january claiming to use this load order on a gtx 970 without any issues.
  11. For bathing, I was doing some research last night and looking at mods and found this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75038/? It's a lot newer, however it would need to be patched to work with ICAIO and Skyrim Project Optimization. It looks like the best solution of the three I've linked if patching it isn't too terrible.
  12. I manually patched the errors out of the bashed patch and everything seems fine now, not sure what caused it though. Every ash covered rock/mountain entry in the bashed patch had an error in it. I also thought DynDOLOD ignored the bashed patch but it was failing the lod generation and telling me something had errors, bashed patch is the only thing that had errors for me and patching them out fixed it, so it must have been the bashed patch for whatever reason.
  13. I know of only two mods that do something like this, not sure if they conflict but I imagine they don't since we don't use any: housing mods, new landscape locations, city mods, interior overhauls. May be a slight conflict with ELFX if any. Northern Bathhouses: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27489 - Adds bath houses to each of the main cities. They are themed for the city and in separate buildings, barring lanterns from LoS or torches from ELFX stabbing the buildings I can't imagine any conflicts. Showers in Inns: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35311 - Adds shower rooms to every inn. I see no mention of inns added by CRF/Arthville so there's likely to be conflict there. I think Northern Bathhouses looks the most appealing, but I'm not sure if that's enough. If you're out somewhere like Falkreath or Winterhold you'll still have to find somewhere outdoors or in a public area to bathe. Both mods have built-in compatibility with Bathing in Skyrim as per the mod page. Oh, Tentapalooza also lets you craft bath tubs for your camps that iirc you can use to bathe in.
  14. I saw this released today, co-created by icecreamassassin and has museum displays for them. Fossil Mining - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/84307/?
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