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  1. I have having same exact problem as previous two posters using MO2 to launch WB for FO4. I am using the new version just released.
  2. Sofia does not have a setting for friendly fire. You can toggle whether she is Essential or not. I do not have a MCM menu option for Inigo.
  3. I am playing a bard-focused build. I’m level 29 and using a Flame Cloak spell from Jzargo’s scrolls for the first time. I have Inigo, Sofia and Dagrilon (from Interesting NPCs) as followers. When I use the Flame Cloak scroll Inigo and Sofia take damage. Inigo actually starts attacking me. I have Friendly Fire setting disabled and they haven’t been taken damage from other spells. Any idea what is going on?
  4. Define “complete reinstallâ€. Are you saying start back over at the very beginning of the guide with Prerequsites and reinstall every utility and mod from scratch?
  5. I posted this same error over in the Relinker forum: I need to know Mod Organizer's root folder [e:\Mod Organizer 2]---> e:\Mod Organizer 2I need to know Mod Organizer's Mods folder [e:\Mod Organizer 2\mods]---> e:\Mod Organizer 2\mods Alright, let's get started. First, search the Mods folder for merged plugins. File "<string>", line 222, in <module> File "configparser.py", line 778, in get File "configparser.py", line 1138, in _unify_values <class 'configparser.NoSectionError'>: No section: 'General'Press Enter to exit... Shadriss posted this in response to someone who had the same problem: Same thing I was seeing recently. Here's what's happening - It's looking in the MO folder you provided for the profiles folder... which isn't there in one version of the MO2 install. Instead, point that one at the folder where the profiles are kept (in my case, C:\Users\(user name)\appdata\local\modorganizer), and it should work fine. My profiles are in the MO2 folder, not the filepath Shadriss has that works for him. Any ideas what is causing my error? Some folks on Discord tried to walk me thru troubleshooting but they said I followed the guide correctly (using 64 bit version 40, MO2 is closed).
  6. I get the following error message every time I run Relinker version 40 64 bit (the version Lexy's LOTD guide says to use). Anyone have an idea what is causing that? I need to know Mod Organizer's root folder [e:\Mod Organizer 2]---> e:\Mod Organizer 2I need to know Mod Organizer's Mods folder [e:\Mod Organizer 2\mods]---> e:\Mod Organizer 2\mods Alright, let's get started. First, search the Mods folder for merged plugins. File "<string>", line 222, in <module> File "configparser.py", line 778, in get File "configparser.py", line 1138, in _unify_values <class 'configparser.NoSectionError'>: No section: 'General'Press Enter to exit...
  7. Shadriss, The guys in Discord raised the same concern because for them WB did not merge XPMSE and it was checked in their right pane as a stand-alone ESP. I used the version of WB linked in the guide 307 beta 3. I believe I followed the guide as written when it comes to creating the Bashed patch so I didn’t do anything related to XPMSE to tag it as NoMerge. Aside from this problem that XPMSE.esp should not have gotten merged in the Bashed patch, I now wonder if there were any other mods that got included but shouldn’t have. I selected OK when WB displayed a pop up window notifying me of the mods (a lot) that would get merged and disabled in the right pane. Lastly, after I create a new Bashed patch, will I also need to create a new Smashed patch and run Zedit?
  8. This video is of someone who has the same bug with archery in 1st person that I am experiencing. You can never hit the target in 1st person with this bug. 3rd person works just fine. Yesterday in Discord several people tried to help me fix this bug to no avail. The first suggestion was to rerun FNIS which I did. While troubleshooting I noticed that XPMSE.esp is not checked in the right pane. Everyone who was trying to help me said that plug-in was enabled for them. I enabled the plugin to run a test with Wrye Bash. When I selected Rebuild Patch, Wrye Bash disables XPMSE.esp. I stopped there and did not rebuild my bashed patch. This morning I found that video linked above and in a couple of the replies someone said the bug is related to XPMSE. I’m guessing the bug may be happening because XPMSE.esp got disabled by Wrye Bash when it shouldn’t have. Here is my plan to try and fix the bug. 1. Archive my current bashed patch file 2, Rebuild the bashed patch without disabling XPMSE. 3. Enable XPMSE.esp in right pane. 4. Launch game to see if that fixed it. 5. If not rerun FNIS and then launch the game. 6. If it still isn’t fixed, delete the skeleton.nif file in the XPMSE mod and launch the game. Anyone see any issues with that plan?
  9. Don't untick them in left pane. Some of the mods still have scripts, textures etc that you will still need.
  10. I started a new save and am doing the beginner quest An Interesting Prospect LOTD. I'm level 9 and thr third step sends you to Yngvild's tomb for the Akaviri Brass Ring. Omega has this dungeon set to level 55+ difficulty. In Discord Sir Jesto recommended I bring this to your attention since that prevents doing the LOTD quests until you high enough level to complete the starter quest. He recommended I God mode it to progress the quest.
  11. Using Alternate Start I chose to be leader of Explorer's guild.. When I go thru the hot springs outside Dragonborn Gallery the Explorer's Society isn't there. There is a glitch of some kinds because there are pieces of buildings in the middle of the air not attached to anything. Any idea how to fix that?
  12. Since Vigor has been taken out of the guide, would it be safe to remove it during the middle of a game? Also would it be safe (i.e no conflicts with any other mods) to add TK Dodge and this mod? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18664 If I add those two mods, would I need to redo any of the dynamic patches (Bashed, smashed, zEdit etc)
  13. In Oldrim I used Wildcat and TK Dodge. This is the first time I have used Vigor and Uktimate Combat SE. I have configured all theee IAW the MCM guide. Can someone explain how these three integrate together and what combat features each will provide? Also, since TK Dodge is not in the guide, does Vigor or Ultimate Combat provide dodge capability? If so I must have missed it.
  14. Thanks to some help from people in Discord I discovered that the reason I have many missing mods in the MCM menu was because after I added them to a merged patch, I unchecked them in the left pane. I assumed that was the correct thing to do in order to remove them from the list of plugins in the right pane in order to get my load order under 255 plugins. What someone in Discord told me to do was activate the plugins that got merged in the left pane but move all the ESPs that got merged to Optional ESPs. If that guidance was specified somewhere in the guide then I completely missed it. For the mods that I know have MCM settings due to Lexy providing MCM configuration settings, I enabled all of them in the left pane and moved them to Optional ESPs. When I started the game all the MCM menus registered. My main concern now is what do I do in the left pane for all the other mods that were included in all of the other merged plugsins? For example, in the LOTD Patches Merged section there are 37 total plugins. What am I supposed to do with all of those on the left pane?
  15. I started a new game last night with DynDOLOD disabled since it was causing crashes for me. First thing I did was configure MCM settings before leaving the Alternate Start cell. There are several mods that I know were installed that are not listed in MCM. A Matter of Time, GIST and IHud are some off top of my head. Is there any way to manually add them to MCM?
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