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  1. Ok, here's a wall of text with some troubleshooting I did so hopefully it can get some attention as I didn't get any help in the Discord. BTW, that's not a criticism, I understand that not everyone on Discord can be a troubleshooting maverick online 24/7. While building the Bash Patch I get the following error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\balt.pyo", line 436, in <lambda> File "bash\balt.pyo", line 1605, in _conversation_wrapper File "bash\basher\patcher_dialog.pyo", line 205, in PatchExecute File "bash\patcher\patch_files.pyo", line 340, in buildPatch File "bash\patcher\patchers\importers.pyo", line 2824, in buildPatch AttributeError: 'MreBook' object has no attribute 'damage' While I don't understand the error a user had the exact same thing and posted on 6/16 in the Discord. I followed the trail over to the Wrye Bash and MO2 Discords and saw they posted the same thing in both those Discords and got a reply, but no solution either. With that as a dead end for me, I narrowed it down to having Weapons Armours Merged.esp checked under Import Stats. If I check everything else the guide states and leave out weapons armours merged specifically under Import Stats the Bash Patch builds fine. When I load Weapons Armours Merged.esp in SSEEdit and go to 'Check errors' it says it finds 36 errors. I double checked in the merge patch in zEdit that everything was loaded in the proper order and rebuilt and still have the same 36 errors. From there I checked each plugin in the merge and narrowed it down to Lustmord Vampire Armor - Consistency Patch.esp (part of Lexy's LOTD Consistency Patches) and are just getting combined into the merge. Since I don't have any skills in actually troubleshooting SSEEdit errors, I decided to rebuild the patch leaving out Lustmord Vampire Armor and it's consistency patch. The Bash Patch built fine, and I'm moving on from here. Hopefully not including that one mod and it's consistency patch doesn't break anything, as I'm not too worried about it actually being included. Here is a Pastebin of the errors that SSEEdit spit out when checking the consistency patch for reference. https://pastebin.com/3XG1AHpd
  2. Talking out my ass here, but in the past when I ran into that problem it's because one of the mentioned .esps weren't given the correct mod category flag so LOOT keeps trying to sort them incorrectly and hitting a loop because it can't based on the custom LOOT rules. I'd suggest checking all those .esps mentioned in the guide and make sure you didn't miss or accidentally set the wrong category on them.
  3. I'm in the same boat so far having a hard time finding any dungeons to do that don't just get me murdered instantly. I wanted to get the LOTD museum set up to offload some equipment and one of the beginning fetch quests sent me to a dungeon with a level 80 boss at the end. So far for places like that I've been bringing along a horde of followers (Sophia, Inigo, Toccata, AND Hoth) and letting them distract everyone as I run through, ****** the item and run, but it seems a pretty cheesy way to get through a dungeon. Same for Bleak Falls Barrow. I'm 11 hours in and only level 13. For the most part I go through and smash the normal seeming enemies, then I find the 1 or 2 enemies 20 levels higher then me and just let my mob whittle them down. It's effective but feels like a cheesy way to play.
  4. Here I was feeling so clever I used separators and you go and make them have a background color. Nice!
  5. I've never played with survival mods so I gave them a shot and found iNeed and Frostfall weren't to my liking. I removed those two (I left in Keep it Clean and Campfire, as those two weren't as intrusive), rebuilt the YOT merge and the World Encounter merge, removing the iNeed and Frostfall patches, then rebuilt my Bashed and Smash patch. Have I missed any important steps for cleaning up my install for now having those two mods removed? Also, my playthrough was going pretty well, but I've encountered a few seemingly random enemies that are invisible. It's not consistant by enemy though, for example I had 1 invisible skeever, while I've seen plenty before smashing there heads in. The other time was a group of bandits outside Riften. They're spell effects still showed up and 1 still had a arrow quiver floating in mid air, but no body/armor/weapons. Any obvious troubleshooting to do there? For the most part my followers can help me find them, but it is frustrating.
  6. When I was generating xLODGenx64 (after nearly 3 hours of generating!) I was hit with this at the end. "Error while generating 10 mipmap levels for image Image @0000000001D8E358 info: Width = 512px, Height = 512px, Format + DXT1, Size = 128KiB, Bits @000000000BBE1A820 Paette @0000000000000000, Exception Message: Error creating mipmaps, Access violation at address 0000000000B9C99B in module 'xLODGenx64.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" Should I be worried?
  7. To be fair, that makes sense, but I've broken a few things before assuming I knew better so I was trying to follow instructions to the letter. So far merges has been going well for me. Thanks for the input and your work on it.
  8. To followup on that, as I'm going through in Audio Merges the last is Audio Overhaul Skyrim - Immersive Sounds Patch.esp which is in the main Audio Overhaul Skyrim mod. It's a separate download but they're both listed as a Main File and from the start of the guide; "Main Files + Updates + Hotfixes Install as one mod. (e.g Merge together in Mod Organizer 2)" So they ended up both merged in together as the main file for me. Now obviously I'm assuming I don't disable all of Audio Overhaul in the left pane, which just leads me back to my original question of disabling left pane mod vs right pane .esp. Does it matter? Is one vs the other preferred in some situations?
  9. No problems here this afternoon. Firewall issue? DNS issue from your location? Maybe somebody has a better idea that's seen it before? As a career IT tech, troubleshooting a single program not accessing the web is a huge PITA. Now my turn for a question. I've made it up to the merging section of the guide and have a few questions. At the start of the guide it says "Once mods are merged using Merge Plugins Standalone, under the "Legacy Of The Dragonborn - Special Edition" profile they can be deactivated(unchecked) in Mod Organizer 2's Left Pane." Some patch mods have a series of patches that are merged in seperate patches, so obviously deactivating the mod in the left pane would be a problem because those other patches won't be loaded anymore. What I've done in the past is just deactivate the individual .esp in the right pane that I had merged. Since we chose to "Copy General Assets" in merge plugins options, would this worst case scenario just leave me with duplicate files that MO2 wouldn't care about and just end up overwriting anyways? Or does that cause other problems? And if so, does anybody have any tips for keeping track of what needs to be deactivated in between different merges when the single mod in the left pane has multiple .esps going into different merge patches?
  10. [interesting NPCs SSE] Optional Interesting NPCs - 3.4.2 Beta - by Kris Takahashi Files to download : MAIN FILES - Interesting NPCs SSE 3.42 Beta OPTIONAL FILES - Dawnguard Meshes For Vampire NPCs Special Installation: Do not install the following file(s) and/or folder(s): Scripts\follower3dnpc.pex Neither one of these downloads had a scripts folder. Did I miss something?
  11. xLODGEN - v Beta 22 link in the prereqs page is no longer available. Googling for it the post shows its at v27 and possibly updated today? https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13451-xlodgen-terrain-lod-beta-for-fnv-fo3-fo4-fo4vr-tes5-sse-tes5vr/ Safe to use v27?
  12. Hey Lexy, thanks for all the hard work you put in and getting this massive beast up to date with the current version! I've too much free time on my hands these days (recently unemployed) and was waiting for an update for the newest version of SSE. You're a goddess tackling this unfathomably huge guide.
  13. I haven't finished the guide but this has always been one of my big worries in the realism vs gameplay debate. Yay traps are invisible like a master thief placed them there but I'll be doing nothing but save scumming as I get one shot by traps that I never could see. I just finished the RaceMenu section. As helpful as the video was, could we have a step by step to tell us how to install it like other mods in the guide have us do? I'm 99.9% sure I did it right, but the discrepancies between the video and what we are doing in the guide make me feel like most users that aren't very familiar with MO2/Windows functions would confuse many people at this step.
  14. Good luck! I've done the original and SE version and it's a great learning experience.
  15. Forgive my ignorance, I've never used Mod Picker. How is it any different than following the guide here? You're still following download links wherever and installing them yourself. Is it just a place to get more exposure?
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