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  1. This was helpful, and i think it answers all my questions. Thanks!
  2. Sheson, i referred to your post back in 2018 (?) when you said that the user should either make a second Dyndolod run only for Bruma, and only for trees. Or alternatively do one single run, but after that to delete all BTO files in the BSHeartland folder (<- my preferred method, b/c i'm doing it overnight and time is no issue). I read the infos in the link you provided, but i'm still unsure what the best practice should be these days. Should i only generate tree LOD for Bruma, or can i generate object and terrain LOD as well, without making Bruma look worse than in the default state? Oh, and what about BSHeartland_Underside.nif, will it make Bruma worse due to the missing data in the mod, or will it be an improvement?
  3. I'm successfully using Dyndolod v3 with the Elysium Remastered modlist, which was released recently and includes Bruma by default. Does the old Bruma workflow still apply (delete all .bto files in Terrain\BSHeartland\Objects) in the new version of Dyndolod? And more importantly, should i delete BSHeartland_Underside.nif or is it safe to use?
  4. Wow, this is all new to me. It's the first time i'm using grass cache. It's Rudy ENB Zangdar's Cut. I'm gonna try to make those adjustments and report back. Much appreciated, guys!
  5. I have changed some textures and re-run all the LOD generators in my Elysium mod-list, including a new grass cache. But i have far grass that has different color than near grass. I used the STEP settings for all the tools, because i don't trust the default settings left by the Elysium author (b/c not sure if those are the settings really used). What could be the reason for the issue seen in the pics?
  6. This is very helpful, i'm sorry for the rookie mistake. One single switch wrong, can break your neck... EDIT: I trusted that the default MO2 settings for the executables in Elysium are correct. But it seems that the modlist author did develop the list on a standard install and added the Stock Game folder afterwards, without adjusting the paths. Now that i corrected the mistake for DynDOLODx64, TexGenx64 and LODGenx64, all worked out and the tools generated output as usual. To be checked in-game, yet, but i don't expect any shocking surprises.
  7. It was a "-C:" by default. I changed it to "-D:", but i gotta admit, i need to read up on what it means. I got further now, but now i have the error "LOD billboards not found", although i generated already. Gonna try to fix that and report back. Thanks for the quick help, Sheson!
  8. It is, i just checked. The file is there in the virtual data folder of MO2 and can be accessed. I just opened it in the data tab of MO2. Version.ini - it contains "Version=3.00".
  9. I have a big issue. Everything is installed properly, i've read all the precautions and rules around the new versions, but still i'm getting: "DynDOLOD Resources SE version information not found" With another modlist, the previous version did run after i set the needed exceptions in Windows Defender, but with this modlist even the previous version doesn't want to run. Here's what i know and tried: 1) Everything, including Steam, is installed on drive Q:, a dedicated gaming drive - and my SkyrimSE is a legal version (1.5.97) 2) The arguments in MO2 are set properly by the modlist: -sse -C:"Q:\Elysium\Stock Game\Data" 3) I don't use an Anti-Virus program 4) I did set all exceptions in Windows Defender for files AND folders (including DynDOLODx64.exe, TexGenx64.exe, Texconvx64.exe, LODGenx64.exe) 5) tried with Windows Defender completely disabled 6) DynDOLOD and Resources SE are the newest versions 7) tried running MO2 in admin mode 8) LODGenx64 and TexGenx64 run through without problems, and generate proper output as far as i can tell 9) DynDOLOD Resources SE version information is located properly in Q:\Elysium\mods\DynDOLOD Resources SE\Meshes\DynDOLOD\lod\version.ini - it says Version=3.00 I'm completely helpless and can't find anything on Google either. Any ideas what else i could try? Log is included (user name is replaced for privacy reasons). DynDOLOD_SSE_Debug_log.txt
  10. OK, ultra trees w- all billboards works well. The only issue i have is that the billboards from EVT differ drastically in brightness from those of the Standalone Oaks mod. I tried fixing the latter with Photoshop, and learned the hard way that sRGB on export is *not* the way to go. []-) Thanks again for the help and your patience, Sheson!
  11. [checks Dyndolod glossary for 10min... aaah! ] What is the difference, performance-wise, b/w traditional tree LOD and Ultra Trees with billboards for all levels? Is there a visual advantage, besides being easier to manage as you say? A disadvantage would be that i can't use Dyndolod to automatically darken the tree LODs, right?
  12. Thx, Sheson. Bad news is that the issue was resolved only if i loaded the save in the swamp. Now i loaded inside Solitude, then left through the gate, and outside the issue was back. I need a bit to fully digest your last reply, but meanwhile i'll remove the flags and go from there.
  13. Thanks for the reply, Sheson. I've re-generated the LOD multiple times, i always re-do ALL patches if something changes in my load order. And nothing's overwriting the generated LOD files. I immediately generated a new LOD after my first posting, this time on high settings (now i know that it doesn't affect tree LOD) - and lo and behold, the problem is gone! Nothing changed, except that i generated LOD at low/medium settings, and then back at high settings. Very weird... Now that i know how the issue is called, i found a posting on r/skyrimvr by yausd, that says: "Make sure none of those trees are added by a plugin flagged as ESL. The engine does not properly support tree LOD for such trees." I have a couple of ESPs from tree mods that are flagged as ESLs. Should i change the flags back to ESP? Could this explain the behavior, or is yausd's warning deprecated with new versions of Dyndolod? Could this ESL issue explain some crashes i'm having out in the open (i think on cell load)?
  14. This is probably something i've overlooked, but i can't find the reason for the issue. Here's how it looks in the Solitude Swamps: https://imgur.com/a/nW6bRQ2 And this is my install order: https://imgur.com/J74z4ZW Usually i use ultra trees, and don't have problems. Now i decided to use billboards, for better performance (SkyrimVR). Here are my steps: 1) xLODGen for terrain (with SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm) 2) TexGen 3) Dyndolod on High Settings with tree LOD enabled 4) xLODGen for Occlusion.esp Since the whole LOD mechanics of Skyrim still confuse me a bit, i'm at my wit's end. Hope that someone could give me a nudge, were to start looking for the culprit. I tried starting a new game, deleting Dyndolod's cache before generating, but still the same... [EDIT] The issue is gone if i use the LOW setting in Dyndolod (could have been the medium setting, but pretty sure it was LOW). Could this fact give any clues to what's going on?
  15. Dammit, you're right! I have read parts of the manual in the past, and usually pay attention to the comments in the INI's, but this i have missed. I watched the video and changed the settings on the fly. Well, i feel bad now for wasting your time. But maybe i learned a thing or two in the process. Thanks again. Firstborn is shipping out as we speak. :P
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