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  1. I don't think anyone likes Oscape (hasn't been updated since 2012), and it would be incredible to have a terrain lod generator created and managed by our beloved Sheson.
  2. https://prntscr.com/e4iw5d , now suddenly with tes5edit and loot - failed to spawn "tes5edit" failed to start process (the parameter is incorrect [87])
  3. So yesterday it was the same problem as Langmans, however, today, after having no issues all night. It won't start again. So I'm again at a loss. - okay, I think it was due to setting the overwrite path to the SSE data directory.
  4. The launcher starts as well through MO, but when I hit play, no luck why can't I delete or edit my posts?
  5. Trying to have a day off and just finally play the game for once... I've changed nothing. It just doesn't launch skyrim anymore. It still launches tes5edit.
  6. I noticed that my mesh rules error whenever I significantly change my active plugins. Can I just add the rules via an esp like this? Obviously I'd have to do this for each static. I'm thinking I might give the heavy snow statics the best lods, as those are more likely to be found on mountain tops.
  7. So Sheson, your idea about adjusting the snow shaders is golden. Here's vanilla ish here's with identical mountain shaders And here's a zoom in of the vanilla lods @Zilav - that makes a ton of sense, and I'm not sure why I didn't think of it. That also likely explains the flickering of the Hybrid Trees - I'm wondering then if using EVT tree meshes and Dyndolod Vanilla hybrid meshes is the best fix for this. Thoughts?
  8. I mean, it might be how it works, but I've never noticed the models flickering that badly for 5 full seconds directly in front of my nose. With DynDoLods uninstalled, the same transition is much quicker, and much smoother. https://youtu.be/Rra6hnTfnzc - sorry for the video quality I don't mean to sound accusatory in any way, but something isn't right and I'm hoping I can fix it. Please take a look at the two videos and let me know if you have any advice. Just to verify - I can use full models for the mountain meshes in lod 4 correct? I had done this on a previous run of dyndolods and everything looked great.
  9. https://youtu.be/YnXyFobHiQA Here are my mesh rules - I'm also wondering if I should add the slabs to the list as well to help with this? my block distances are set to about 15000, 60000, and 500000
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