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  1. Solved! after looking up the form ID it was a Talos Statue causing the error. I didnt install the Nsutr patch for leanwolf's Talos statue in the right place, all resolved and working now. Thanks everyone for help along the way.
  2. I tried this just, no joy im afraid, the crash still happens
  3. This isn't the only location that this has happened in, it's just the first time I'm attempting to correct it, it has happened I think in 3 other locations so far which is why I'm convinced its to do with the renamed files in the stunning statues of Skyrim folder. However I will attempt your suggestion tonight and keep you updated.
  4. Will give it a shot tonight and update the post.
  5. Yeah thankfully I had a save not too far away but the crash is still happening so, as far as I can tell the following pattern emerges with these meshes Stunning Statues of Skyrim I I No Snow Under the Roof I I No Snow Under the Roof Merged Patch So as previously stated I have amended the folder name in stunning statues, do I need to redo anything for No Snow Under the roof or will it need a reinstall and same question for the patch
  6. Ok, so after posting this I did some searching on the forums and it turns out I'm not the only one with this error, and I can see the cause of the problem now. After installing stunning statues of Skyrim I misspelt the folder name when copying and renaming files, so all copied files when into a folder path meshes/prometheus/architecture/statuesnow instead of meshes/prometheus/architecture/statuessnow So I have now renamed the folder to its correc spelling but the crashes still happen, what steps do I have to redo in order to get this working?
  7. My game is crashing with the below error message when travelling the 7000 thousand steps, the crash happens just past emblem 7 on the trail. The game doesnt CTD I am just stuck with a blacl screen which I cant close its as if the game 'freezes' and I am unable to do anything to back out of it and have to then close the game via task manager, because of this I cant capture any crash logs in papyrus as no logs appear. Anyway, the crash message is below. Skyrim has crashed because an object reference with form ID: 0xBFC6D, base form ID: 0x5B00B7DE and type: 0x22 failed to produce loaded node most likely due to corrupted mesh or other reasons. So if this is a mesh issue, any ideas what meshes this relates to, or does anyone know a way of find this info out? This isnt the first instance of this type of crash, this has happened in several world locations so far with different form ID's but this is the first one ive written down to post. Thanks for reading!
  8. Im an idiot. I had been placing the patch in the RS Children Overhaul folder instead of the RS Children Overhaul USKP Patch folder, for two days..... I really am an idiot,
  9. Hi, First of all apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, I have had a look through the forums but have been unable to find anything. Basically even though I have download the patch as stated in Neo's guide here Replace the RSChildren_CompleteUSKP.esp with the version found here that uses the new Unofficial Skyrim Patch Legendary Edition as a master. I am still getting the following error message in LOOT https://imgur.com/a/lHjjd Has anyone else come across this issue? does anyone know how to resolve it? I have tried redownloading the updated patch several times and to no avail i am still stuck with the same error. Thanks for reading
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