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  1. Yes, that actually did fix it, I can stand up if I disable skyrim enhanced camera. I'd still rather sacrifice the sitting than the enhanced camera but at least we know what's causing it.
  2. Hi again. I did the whole guide over again now, and it fixed my whole TexGen issue. But I still can't stand back up after sitting with the sit command. Sitting on chairs the regular way works fine, but sit from iNeed gets me stuck and no amout of jumping or anything else can get me unstuck. Not a big deal, I can just not use it, just figured I'd let you guys know.
  3. Ah, thanks a lot. After lots of messing around with TexGen my problem of purple textures just got worse and worse. I even started getting out of memory crashes after a while, probably due to messing with the ini files and running win 10 forces me to have too little vram anyway. So I deleted everything, cleaned out my registry and made sure I got rid of any traces of everything related to Skyrim and modding, and now I'm gonna do the whole thing over again after all.
  4. Okay, I decided to do a little more testing after all. First I went into "DynDOLOD_TES5_TexGen_noalpha_skyrimesm.txt", the scripts in the DynDOLOD app folder, and delete all references to skyhaven and ran TexGen again. That time it fails with the same error but at "snowrocks01lod.dds". But the interesting part is that when I restored the backup with all the references to skyhaven intact, and delete all temporary files and files generated on the last run and run TexGen again, it still fails at "snowrocks01lod.dds" and it now generates the "skyhaventemplelod01.dds" without complaining. So now it seems like it's an issue with TexGen itself, like that it uses a file or files that are left over from a previous run maybe?
  5. Turns out that the 1kb files were not the problem, I made optimized textures myself and I still get the same error in the exact same place. So I tried using the unmodified texture packs from Steam, putting it back exactly the way it was the first time I ran TexGen without issues, and I still get the same error at the same place. So now I'm completely out of ideas. I'm not gonna reinstall everything, first time took me 2 day to get all 360 or so mods configured exactly like the guide said, might just have to give up on this project for now. Thanks anyways, appreciate it.
  6. Yes, I did try that a few times, both with the files loose and with just the bsa installed. I think the files in "...\Mod Organizer\mods\Optimized Vanilla Textures - HD\textures\architecture\skyhaventemple\" are corrupt or empty, all 5 of them, they don't have a thumbnail and they're only 1kb each. I'm gonna try optimizing the the Bethesda textures myself tomorrow, I'd don't have enough space on my SSD so I'll have to borrow a computer to do it. I'll let you know how it goes. Do you know which mod the "sit" option comes from? I'm thinking it's the "sit anywhere" mod but it's not on the list in the guide so maybe it was packaged with some other mod?
  7. Update: Still no clue about the getting stuck sitting thing, don't even know where to start looking. After many attempts at fixing my textures I'm sure now that it's the failure of TexGen to run that is causing it, if I just disable DynDOLOD in the load order there are no more purple textures. TexGen fails at "Combining 36 textures into textures\lod\skyhaventemplelod01.dds", it says nothing about missing files. The file exists in the DynDOLOD resources mod, but TexGen is clearly trying to regenerate it. So I went into the DynDOLOD txt files to see if I could find a reference to that texture, and I finally found one in "DynDOLOD_TES5_TexGen_noalpha_skyrimesm.txt", so I went looking for the files it was referencing, which led me to the "DynDOLOD\TexGen_Output\DynDOLOD-temp\textures\architecture\skyhaventemple\" folder. Some of the files had been generated but not all 36, only 14. One of them has no thumbnail, which suggest to me it's corrupt so I'm guessing that's where it fails. That file is named "skyhavenstonedetails_n.dds", which I can't find in my mod directory, or anywhere else for that matter. I googled for it, and out of the few references that came up was an old file list for a very old version of Optimized HD Skyrim Textures. So I'm now re-downloading the pack from Nexus for the third time, so I can open it with 7zip and see if the texture is in there. If it's not I guess I'll be forced to re-download the HD textures from Steam and generate the optimized ones myself. Would still really appreciate some input from someone who has some experience with this stuff.
  8. More DoF will not help at all, if anything turning it down or completely off would work a lot better, it's a fairly resource intensive effect. It seems very strange that the tool says 4062 if you only have 2GB though, maybe it's counting regular ram too? I'm stuck on win 10 as well, and it's telling me the same number even though I got 8GB of vram, apparently it's a win 10 limitation. The tool says it might read regular ram too though, so maybe that's what's happening with you. Like the poster above said, with a weaker rig you might wanna consider going without an ENB. There are some mods that gives a similar look without an ENB, not as good because all the effects are fake, but they look okay and are a lot less resource hungry. Dynavision for DoF for example if you like that effect, I'm not a big fan of it myself. Don't think you can get any reflection on water or anything, but you can tweak the colors for example, it won't be world space lighting like you get with an HDR and ENB but it could still look bright and colorful by upping the gamma and saturation. Didn't you say that it was the scripts that was lagging and not a fps drop though? I get 60fps easy, but the scripts like that wheel menu is still really slow, and sometimes conversations options and such take a long time before they show up. No drop in fps though, and my cpu and gpu are hardly doing anything.
  9. I ran into that problem too because I overlooked the part about needing only the file from the misc section, the one that says v4.3.1 and NOT the one that says STEP compliant installer which is the one I used the first time. This one had me a bit confused because of the name on Nexus, but it's clearly stated in the guide.
  10. Have you tried getting rid of the Wet and Cold and Dual Sheet Redux mods? I read somewhere that they sometimes cause a lot of papyrus lag. I'm having the same problem, the wheel menu take about 10 seconds to show up, so I've been thinking of trying that. Not that I want too, they're really cool mods.
  11. Hi. First of all, thanks for the awesome guide, made my life a lot easier. I followed the guide as best I could, I think I did everything right. I have 3 issues actually, the first one is that when I use the "sit" option in game it won't let me stand up again, I get stuck and have to reload. And I can't figure out which mod from the guide is giving me the "sit" option so I can reinstall it? The second one is probably the same one as the third. I waited with installing the optimized textures until after having installed everything else and tried out the game, guide said I could do that. After installing the optimized textures (the ones on Nexus) I deleted the original high res texture files to save space, guide said that was okay too. But now I have two problems, first one is that all my wolfs are purple (only normal map shows up), that was not the case before I did that change. And also, TexGen fails with the error "exception in unit line -1_ Error in unit 'userscript' on line 627: Record, object or class type required". Both of these seem like a texture is missing. But I'm also unsure of which mod gives me the wolf texture? And from what I've been able to google, purple means that a main texture is missing as it would fall back on that if a replacement was used, which fits with me installing the packs and deleting the old textures. Another small glitch I've had since I made this little change that should be insignificant is that Skyrim loses focus during load and my regular windows spinning wheel cursor comes up for a bit, and the load animation freezes, but it works fine once it loads so it doesn't really bother me much. I've used a new game, and tested everything several times and it's the same each time. These things only started happening after I installed the optimized textures, it was not like that the when I used the originals. I've also done what the guide said about re-running the last steps from the part where I run LOOT to the part where I run Skyproc Unified Manager and made sure everything is in it's proper place. Except for the step with TexGen due to the error, I just used the files it generated the first time instead. DynDOLOD.exe runs and finishes without issues by the way.
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