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  1. Ok thanks. I was just wondering
  2. Is there anyway to have specific brightness for tree LODs? For example, I want my Tree Mod A to have 5 brightness but then have Tree Mod B to have 10 brightness? Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. This is just a heads up but current instruction for MM is to download the mesh tangent fixes which this mod already overwrites.
  4. Blended Roads v1.7 has some bugs with Enhanced Blood Textures if using only the Blended Roads meshes. Blood spatters don't appear on the rocks. Using Really Blended Road solves the issue. https://imgur.com/a/3LNTXBf
  5. Discussion topic: HD Reworked Dragons Collection 4K by Halk Hogan PL Wiki Link The mod has dragon retextures not covered by Rustic Dragon. Checked with Rustic Dragons and it almost overwrites everything Rustic Dragon has while retexturing some dragonbones not touched by other mods currently in STEP.
  6. There is an SE link for this mod. Ignore comment if there's a reason you guys linked to the LE one.
  7. I am only running a core i3 6100 and I DynDOLOD is not responding due to LODGEN.exe, which in my understanding is responsible for creating static lods, running at multiple instances. My solution to this problem would be to generate only static LODs first(unchecking Generate DynDOLOD option) for only one world, for example Tamriel, then when it is finished i will restart it then generate for another world, for example Sovngarde. Rinse and repeat. Then when all static objects are finished I will restart dyndolod then only generate DynDOLOD leaving generate STATIC LOD unchecked. Can you please tell me if I am doing this is right?
  8. I installed TK dodge and its Reqtified version but I can't seem to use it. Do you have to have necessary perks to use it?
  9. Does making mountain set to Never Fade Full eliminate the z-fighting?
  10. Yep it is a really bright enb in snowy areas(noticed it in areas around Helgen, Solitude, and Dawnstar, and High Hrothgar) because I think it uses lighting techniques to get the snow layer effect which results in washed out/very bright colors. I am now deciding if I am dropping it or keeping it because I really like the effect but it causes me to not clearly see my enemies during snowy weather which is never a good thing because of Requiem's unforgiving fight mechanics.
  11. If LODGen.exe(the cmd one) is not yet finished and DynDOLOD (based on xEdit) is telling me that DynDOLOD Worlds completed succesfully, should I wait for LODGen to finish?
  12. Wierd I do not have this bug, are you using ECTV? Just so I know because I plan on adding those next. Thanks.
  13. But when I only have Texgen Output enabled, it doesn't happen. The transition is not noticeable. I could even show it in a video. Well, I will make some tests with different settings and see what is causing it (maybe even try using dyndolod without/with different enb which is a shame).
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