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  1. Thanks for your reply. If i select the force vanilla worldspace it still needs the Weaponsmith Extended 2.esp
  2. Just redid the v2.0 without any plugins. THe MODWiki patches notify my of the following missing masters: - MODWiki - Overhaul - Patch.esp -> OWR.esp - MODWiki - Worldspace - Patch.esp -> Weaponsmith Extended 2.esp During a quest for the Railroad where you have to escort a Synth and a Railroad guy in the night to a large building, i noticed the railroad guy had a blue glow on his chest. When you approach him, his vest turns black again. If you move away from him, the blue glow returns (Sorry didnt take notes of the quest and character name)
  3. And where should we put the Worldspace esp's in the loadorder?
  4. Great job on the v2.0! Currently i have MODWiki - VAFS non PA - Patch installed but i dont see it anymore in the gameplay section; is this patch now incorporated in the MODWiki - Core patch or do i still need to have this installed seperately? And do we need the Test.esp?
  5. I havent played with DEF_UI yet, but are there settings to use for DEF_UI to make the hud more immersive? For example hiding parts of the hud when you are not in combat? Or maybe the possibility to include other mods like iHud? But this will these mods will probably break DEF_UI?
  6. Currently im in sync with the latest core (no plugins yet) and, using my existing save, must say everything is working brilliantly. Keep up the good work!
  7. Great job on the core package. Everything is working now, however it did require some extra work over the guide because initially it would crash in the main menu: - In the guide its mentioned to disable OCDecorator.esp and Homemaker.esm but other .esp's have dependencies on this. - In one of your patches there is a dependency on ms_sms.esp (Settlement Management Software) but you removed this mod from your guide - In the guide the modwiki patch is mentioned twice Other things: - weapon workbench is working now, but thats probably because all the weapon mods are disabled :) - armor workbench now is crashing - I still have the issue where weapons are prefixed with [10mm]
  8. I started a new game three weeks ago, with your guide. But then in the meantime your guide changed and so did the mods ive used.
  9. I tried the workshop trick, but unfortunately with no luck. All my already existing weapons are prefixed with [10 mm]. all the new weapons i pick up are correctly prefixed. Not every mob is nude, just the one i found at the factory. I will go around and check if theres more nudity. Maybe its supposed to be this way. I will disable the mods later this weekends )
  10. Thanks for the tip, however i already have those set in my custom.ini. Any tips on the game crashing at the workbench? Earlier when i disabled all crafting mods there was no CTD, so maybe i need to try one by one. I also have the issue that all weapons are prefixed with [10mm] in their name, whilst they use very different calibers. FO4Edit doesnt report any issue atm.
  11. Another thing im experiencing is that a lot of enemies are running around in their underwear, but that is probably due to an error in my load order.
  12. I haven't had the time to play FA4 this week and noticed a lot has changed, so i re-did all my mods according to your guide. Unfortunately my game still crashes instantly when i go to the armorsmith workbench. Below is my current loadorder. All the .esp's are from your guide, no exceptions. Earlier you mentioned to try to disable "Armormsith All DLCs Patch.esp", but that has no effect.
  13. These are from the armorsmith mod, which you updated yesterday in your guide. What i also noticed is that all my guns in my inventory are now prefixed with [10mm] while they use different calibers.
  14. @rhodsey did you do all the ini tweaks and install the shadowboost? I have an i5, 24gb ram and a AMD R9 390 8gb vram, running 40~60 fps on 2560*1440.
  15. I redid everything but the crash at the workbench is still happening. Maybe my loadorder can make things more clear. FO4Edit isnt giving me any issues.
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