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  1. Fair enough. This is a whole new install of Skyrim for myself as well. I might just remove Tombstones, since they aren't that important. Killed a dragon, still isn't bloody either. Short of contacting Gamewhich the creator, I don't think I have the knowledge to know what is going on.
  2. I'll make changes to to the Rustic Dragon Mod, I doubt it will change dragon's at all though. Monuments and Tombstones were installed manually. Downloaded automatically into MO using the NMM link. RUSTIC Windows are winning, but still not showing in-game. That's what is still throwing me through a loop.
  3. RUSTIC Dragon Corpse not being over written. Monuments and Stones is a FOMOD. Didn't know this. RUSTIC Windows White Run, Winterhold. Overwriting High res texture pack 02 If I were to disable the High res mods, then Rwindows will no longer over write anything, and still not show in game. I edited your post to fix the image links. You need to link to the actual image, not the Imgur page. @GrantSP
  4. Well I'm an idiot, I was mixing up my tabs. I see the conflicts in the Data Tab. RUSTIC windows clearly should be over writing High resolution Texture Pack. Checked Dragon, USLEEP is over writing the High Res DLC, but RUSTIC dragon, isn't even over writing that. Re-installing that mod, and will post results.
  5. That's the thing, everything was grayed out in my data tab, and there is no further down that it can go. I'll take the actual screenshot when I can after work, since that screen is just from this site.
  6. Okay I'll grab an example screen from the STEP guide, to explain a bit better. Mine doesn't look like that in the Data Tab. It looks more like, USLEEP, Skyrim, DLC and the Update, with arrow drop downs showing all mostly showing in unmanaged. In the Archive Tab, yes, it will show plenty of over write conflicts in red there. I'll double check, if RUSTIC is on the losing end for priority despite its place in the mod list. When I am at my personal machine again.
  7. Thank you for responding! As for your suggestions, I will try them tomorrow night when not at work. I'm not quite familiar with all the tools mentioned, but I'll give it a look. Something I did neglect to mention. Nexus took all the RUSTIC texture replacements without complaint, when I used it previously. The ones I know are working with MO are Peltapalooza, and Clothes (Though monks and mages lost theirs. So not lore friendly). I've looked into each file tree, and each mod appears to be organized the way it should be. As an experiment, I have since added other mods to see if maybe I'm somehow just installing things wrong. Doesn't appear to be the case. I pulled down Ultimate NPC Overhaul II along with all of the required mods to go with it. All of those appear to be working. The data tab for me never actually shows installed mods, except for I think USLEEP. This could partially be due to read locking the plugins list, since it kept de-selecting and removing the DLC, which caused me to lose progress in those saves and some of the weapons associated. Can I hide those from the list, and force them to be locked? I do imagine, having a r/w plugin file would be better to have to keep to standard. I do see everything in the Archive tab
  8. Mod List. # This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.-Ultimate NPC Overhaul II-The Eyes Of Beauty-KS Hairdos - Renewal-Female Facial Animation-ApachiiSkyHair natural Retexture-ApachiiSkyHair-ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer+Supreme Storms+Lightning during Thunder Storms+Lightning during Thunder Storms - Climates of Tamriel - Patch+Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch+Climates Of Tamriel-V-NARC - No Animals Report Crimes+RealVision ENB 279b+RUSTIC WINDOWS - 2K and 1K Textures+PELTAPALOOZA - Pelts of Skyrim Expansion+MAPS+RUSTIC COOKING STATION+RUSTIC DRAGON CORPSE+RUSTIC ALCHEMY and ENCHANTING TABLES+RUSTIC CLUTTER COLLECTION+RUGNAROK+RUSTIC FORSWORN+RUSTIC MONUMENTS AND TOMBSTONES+RUSTIC NORDIC MURALS+RUSTIC POTIONS and POISONS+RUSTIC SOULGEMS+RUSTIC STANDING STONES+RUSTIC WOODPOST and LIGHTPOST+RUSTIC WORD WALLS+aMidian Staff of Magnus Hotfix+aMidian Skyforge Hotfix+aMidian Bonemold Hotfix+aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Dragonborn DLC+aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Creatures+aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Weapons+Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade-aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Content Addon+aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Unique Weapons+aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Armors+RUSTIC CLOTHING+Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin+Skyrim Flora Overhaul+Realistic Water Two-Tamriel Reloaded HD+Skyrim HD - 2K Textures+Static Mesh Improvement Mod+Ultimate HD Fire Effects+Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim+A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map - With Roads+Enhanced Blood Textures+Immersive HUD - iHUD+Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade+SkyUI+SKSE WATCH 1 07 03+Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch*Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack03*Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack02*Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack01*Unmanaged: Dragonborn*Unmanaged: HearthFires*Unmanaged: Dawnguard
  9. Hello all, I'm new here. After scouring the web for answers and watching all of Gopher's videos and reading the guide on using MO. I feel I think I should have some clue as to what I am doing. Currently I've run into a bit of a challenge of getting many texture pack replacements to actually show up in-game. I do see over writes, in the right places, but nothing else. I did also have to change my plugins file to read only, because MO kept de-selecting them. The Mods I believe are not loading are, most of the Rustic replacement textures, except for Clothing. aMidian Book of Silence textures do appear to work. My guess is, something is screwey with how the textures are organized with Rustic. I'm positive, Rugs and Pentapolooza are also working. I do love how versatile MO is. In my mind it is like comparing simple CMD prompt to PowerShell. I just need a bit of extra help, that no one else has posted on yet, or that I can find. Yes I am using Windows 10, if that does happen to matter. https://imgur.com/a/vOCmU Screenshots in-game with mods selected. https://imgur.com/a/LtQ4n Realistic Water 2 may also not be working, but I am unsure. What the Windows are supposed to look like. Clearly not Immersive as MxR would put it. https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/54302-4-1416790346.jpg One other question, does SKSE always need to be run for most script extender mods? In NMM I think after running the launcher once, it is able to pick up SKSE without running it as that. Does MO open SKSE and then pull the steam install?
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