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  1. yes both of those fixes change nothing, so maybe they are not fixing DynDOLOD object LOD?
  2. This Save is Missing Files is probably an error from SSE Engine Fixes telling you the .skse save is missing.
  3. so this has been plaguing a user for some time now, and a fix was finally found yesterday: When using DynDOLOD reflections on the water surface use the billboard: but when regenerating everything with xLODGen the normal mesh is used: the problem is easily reproducible and happens on all locations.
  4. well fi you join the discord I can more easily help you, with then info the you provided with now it looks like usvfs is not working correctly, this may be cause by an antivirus or missing privileges.
  5. Just so you know I'm getting this bug as well, can provide info if needed.
  6. Well I tried and DynDOLOD seems to have gotten stuck while generating, I'm trying with the loose files now to see if it works, I know the game works correctly if I put DynDOLOD Resources and everything generated into a .bsa.
  7. Will putting DynDOLOD Resources into a .bsa (with a dummy .esp to load them) cause any problems during generation (when running DynDOLOD and TexGen)?
  8. Can you reset DynDOLOD executable to not use the require admin flag? it is pretty annoying having to run a cmd with "set __COMPAT_LAYER=RUNASINVOKER" (or having to edit the .exe MANIFEST myself) every time I want to use DynDOLOD.
  9. Post the MO2 logs: To access the log files you can press the Open folder icon over the modlist and select "Open MO2 Logs folder". You should close MO2 before sending or examining the logs as they are finished writing only after the program is closed. You should always send the mo_interface.log file as that one contains the general information of your setup, for the usvfs log, you should upload the latest one if the issue is about programs started through Mo2. You can drag and drop the logs directly on discord to send them (tip: zip them if they are too big). If you use a backup system recently a bug was discovered that prevents Bethesda games from reading loose files, you should be aware of this bug as it may be affecting your game.
  10. If BodySlide does not generate new files, it will overwrite the old ones, in case this is not the desired behavior bodyslide has the ability to output the generated meshes into a folder by pressing CTRL before pressing Batch Build.
  11. Well Merge Plugins is now out of support (you should use zMerge instead) so I think we can safely say that using a different instance is the best and most correct way to handle the problem, especially considering that in portable mode you will have to go through all your install to update MO2 instead of just updating it in one and getting the changes everywhere.
  12. make sure the game runs without MO first.
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