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  1. I think I finally found the cause of my constant CTDs: It was either Geforce Experience or the Steam Overlay. I've disabled them both and my game hasn't crashed. Fingers crossed. :P
  2. Does the crash fixes work when UseAllocators=0? So is my 1024mb first block not actually 1024, and I was running out of memory this whole time? Thanks for the heads up, though. I will try with UseAllocators=0.
  3. Here are my inis. Skyrim.ini: https://pastebin.com/hvAwbXyw Skyrimprefs.ini: https://pastebin.com/UrU98Tj9 ENBlocal: https://pastebin.com/gxj31ems SKSE.ini: https://pastebin.com/4t2MfBwy I made them from the default ULTRA inis from bethesda after the game detects my settings. I copied them from my "/documents/games/skyrim" folder, into my MO profiles folders and edited them there based on Gamerpoet's Youtube video, as well the STEP wiki. My Textures are SKyrim HD LITE, and AmidianBorn Book of Silence + Landscapes + Mines and caves, The Rustic HD textures, and a couple of other ones. None of them are higher than 2k. And the Official HD pack, but left those unchecked. I wasn't testing the game with a single profile. I have 1 profile where I used only high-res texture mods, another where I have mods that expands on the towns (ETAC), Skyrim immersive creatures, Skytest, Immersive Armors, and another Vanilla with just the UI addons like SKY UI, expanded UI, MoreHud, a matter time, etc. None of these make a more stable game. The ENB even crashes with just vanilla Skyrim half of the time on the main menu. My drivers, maybe? I've tried expanding my SKSE memory patch to 1024 (1280), and it doesn't seem to help.
  4. Then I'm at a lost at what's causing my CTDs. I suppose It's possible I set my ini files to use too much memory, although I am using the STEP guide to the letter. I have ENBoost, and my rig should be more than enough for the "Performance" ENB from Vivid weathers with a gtx 1070, an i7-6700k overclocked 4.2 ghz CPU and 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM. I've tried Crash Fixes, which didn't help. Chaning my ENBoost Threads settings based in the anti-CTD fixes didn't help. I thought about checking the memory, but something seems to be not working with the MemoryBlockLog. It will only record 2 entries then stop. I have no idea what happened. It worked the first time, then just stopped. I've reinstalled it, but still only records 2 entries (85,85 for the first block, and 2,2 for the second). This is while running around the Windhelm docks WITH Better Docks enabled. I've been using only vanilla skyrim, official DLCs, and then just texture packs. Still CTDs on start up half of the time. Any ideas what else I can do, or does my GTX 1070 simply not work with END correctly?
  5. Does ITMs cause CTDs, though? Or are they generally harmless? I've read that UDRs should be removed because they do cause CTDs.
  6. I've been suing LOOT for a long time, and it usually tells me if there are ITMs in a mod I'm using and tells me to clean it. I'm pretty familiar with cleaning and making compatibility patches. After my recent troubles of getting a stable game with even a few mods, I decided to go and check every one of my mods for ITMs (I was told they cause CTDs) and clean all of them. I've found that I had a handful of the mods used had at least 1 (sometimes up to 40) ITMs that LOOT didn't tell me about when I sorted the mods. My 1st question is: does LOOT automatically check of ITMs like TES5Edit, or does it only know that a mod has ITMs if someone reports it to a database? I'm not familiar with the inner workings of LOOT. My second question: is it safe for me to clean all ITMs and UDRs from my mods? I've seen mixed answers on Reddit and the Nexus. Thought I'd ask some experts at S.T.E.P. Thank you for the clarification.
  7. I've redid the inis from scratch following the step guides. Still crashes on startup 50% of the time. 50% it crashes on load. This is a lot better with the ENB disabled, although the game still crashes for reasons I can't tell. What should I set for "VideoMemorySizeMb="? STEP tells me to use the Memory checker, which gives 16000, and subtract 170. I was told the Max should be 10240. Another tutorial told me to use my maximum video memory and subtract 170, so 7915-170 = 7745. I can't tell if my ENBoost is even working. I tried installing the Skyrim Performance monitor, but the program fails to launch. Tells me I don't have Net Immerse 2.0 (when I have a newer version). I've also extended the SKSE memory patch to 1024 (1280 in skse.ini). Nothing is helping. Disabling all of my mods don't help wither, as the thing crashes on the main menu WITHOUT any mods.
  8. Update: It wasn't Skyrim Reloaded (although it did help with some other issues) -Game crashes 50% of the time when the main menu shows up. Disabling the ENB (removing the .dll file) stops this. Not to mention make the load times much faster. No idea what its happening. It always crashes when loading games sometimes. -Game still crashes from time to time with the map. The only map mod I have is A Quality World Map. Not sure if there is a conflict with VIVID weathers or not, but crashes are most common in Winterhold when its snowing. I set the SkyrimCrash Fixes to use a crash log, but it doesn't record anything. The game simply CTDs without warning. -I've gotten a couple of crashes from a corrupted NIF. Looking on Reddit states that both Immersive Armors and Immersive Creatures have a couple of messed up nifs (Dwarven Mage Gauntlets for IA, and Goblin Rocks from SIC). I turned off the distribution for that piece of armor in IA, and the Goblin spawns in SIC. Not sure if it will help. I forgot to mention that I was using a number of mods that doesn't have an ESP earlier: -Better Stealing -FNIS Behaviors -FNIS PCEA2 (have a lot of custom animations) -Simply Bigger Trees (and a larger tree LOD) I checked with Save Game cleaner, and my game doesn't have orphaned scripts or anything. Not sure what else I can do. I can't go 20 minutes without a CTD, and that is if my game gets to the main menu at all or is able to load the saved games.
  9. Thanks. It's indeed Skyrim Reloaded/SKGE. And I wasn't saying Papyrus log was a crash log. I was just worried with all those errors, that I had installed a mod wrong, or forgot to put in some compatibility patch (which happens a lot). Either way, I haven't had a crash from map-spamming so far. Thanks for the help! :)
  10. Huh... I uninstalled Skyrim Reloaded and some previous problems I had went away - stuttering at full-screen when moving (with Enhanced Camera), my FOV being locked at 90, and some other problems. Still getting a ton of Errors from Papyrus when starting a new game, though. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong anymore.
  11. So that giant page of Errors in Papayrus won't have any game-impact? I didn't get those before. Not sure what happened. I was using Crash Fixes, but didn't help (probably made crashes even worse). Opening the map crashes the game sometimes, but disabling Atlas Map markers and the ETAC Atlas Patch seemed to have fixed it. I tried changing the settings as it suggested on the mod page - didn't help.
  12. Here is the paste bin for the Memory Log. I'm assuming it is working since the first block is 512, and not 256. https://pastebin.com/HtDWiGmQ Also note that I completely reinstalled all my mods, and it turns out I had 2 versions of the same mod installed, as well as missing a compatibility patch for Vivid Weathers and AOS2. Not sure if that was the source of my issues or not. Looking at my SKSE logs however, I'm still getting a TON of errors: https://pastebin.com/Nv3VKbjE I'm going to verify game cache again and see if I accidentally screwed some of the official files up.
  13. Hello all. I'm in need of some professional help with constant CTDs in my game. I've modded Skyrim before, and I'm aware of how to clean, sort, and make dynamic patches. But even with those my game continuously crashes for reasons that I can't fathom. I got a new computer (i7-6700k, GTX 1070, 16 gigs of Ram, Win 7), and its my first time using an ENB+ENBoost. I followed GamerPoet's guides on Youtube to clean/merge patches, as well as using Skyproc patchers. I used Slothability's ENB+ENBoost guide to install my ENB (Vivid Weathers' ENB) and ENBoost. I've also followed the STEP guide for setting up my Skyrim.ini and Skyrimpref.ini. I've tried using the Crash Fixes+SKSE Preloader, but it really isn't helping. I'm at a lost at what more I can do to stop my game to going bonkers. As far as I can tell, all of the mods I've installed are working as Intended. The thing is, it doesn't always crash; I can play for hours without a single crash, or I can crash instantly on start-up or loading a game, or every 5 minutes. I tried using the SKSE-log to debug, but I've recently found out that its not reliable. I've restarted the game from scratch with a new load order, and new patches each time. Reinstalled all of my mods from scratch. Verified game cache, then re-cleaned the official DLCs and Update.esm. No help. I have no idea what more I can do. Below is my list of mods, sorted using LOOT (with a couple of exceptions): Here are my SKSE.ini: This is my ENBLocal.ini HD Textures used: Official Hi-res Pack (not active) Skyrime HD - Lite AmidianBorn - Book of Silence (Weapons, Armor, Dragonborn) AmidianBorn Landscapes AmidianBorn Caves and Mines AmidianBorn-Immersive Armors AmidianBorn Woodposts Rustic HD Textures (various) Thank you all for your help.
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