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  1. With the deleted combat tweeks patch, where are these changes commingled from now?
  2. Correction (but cant seem to edit my last post now) Ruins Clutter Improved SE is providing the current NIF for those gate/door things. It does not match well with the texture provided by Imperial Forts HD. Best fix atm is go in tot the files of RCI and delete the folder Portcullissmall01 in Meshs/dungeons/imperial/
  3. So may not effect everyone but I just went through quite an adventure trying to figure out a Crash to Desktop that was Constant. Its somthing that was all over the internet, back then and now but not alot of answers. The closest hint I got was lighting mods. So Dark Fall Cave, a Dawnguard quest dungeon on the far NE corner of the map. I would go in there and Crash to desktop in a few mins every single time. Following the hint above, i went into ELE merged and Relighting skyrim and removed the Cell > Block 2 > sub block 2 > Darkfallcave from both those mods. This fixed the crashing in there for me. Thought id atleast post this here if nothing else in hopes that a weary traveler seeking aid might find this clue! Note that if you do have this issue, go to a save before you went in. exit and use SSEedit to wipe it (basically any lighting mods). Doing it after the fact didnt work out. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/8yuyhb/need_some_texture_assistance_glitched_gates_and/ made same question but to the Helgan one a bit ago, no answer picture shows ID Dungeons\Imperial\PortcullisSmall01\ImpPortcullisSmall01.nif is nif path to the object I think Update: think i found the textuer, its from Imperial Forts HD checked mod page, its a known issue, seems there is a issue if you use it with SIMM. Mesh causes it to dis align i guess.
  4. Lexy and other authors. Its not needed obviously but I follow this guides development alot, and some times get curious why something is removed or changed. Sometimes you bring it up in the thread but sometimes its just oh ok well thats gone :) I would find it interesting to see a quick blurb why on flat our removals for example, swapns not a big deal and additions make sense most th etime but removals are strange at times
  5. I'm going to do a rebuild with out immersive citizens soon, maybe I'll be ahead of the game lol. Decided this because I didn't see that much change tbh, most of the mod only does stuff for Whiterun and I don't notice most of it, biggest thing I see is at night 100 people at the inn. After seeing incompatibilitys in detail and some reading, think it's for the best. If a replacement comes up I'll be mostly ready.
  6. My 2 cents but not a fan of race menu with out the mesh edit. Tried it a month ago with a manual port and no matter what I did my character has jaggy cheeks. ECE has a working face edit but it's not necessary for my issue because it has a addition change that fixes those regions of the face automatically. Does anyone have a solution to this with current race menu?
  7. I think im going to give it a try, it just sucks that Chesko himself on twitter said he was done with campfire and working on finishing frostfall 2 months ago. He sounded (and i think even said 1 month) that he was close :( I know when I finally break down and use these fixes, hes going to release Campfire/Frostfall OMEGA OMG edition, where there are thousands of improvements and features, and oh ya, pretty much need to re install windows and make 6 new games for it to work (/s) Only problem I have with the fix is the interface changes, I use Ultra wide, and the swfs the mod uses are not at the right aspect ratio.
  8. Whats the confidence level with that unofficial Camping/Frostfall patch? sadly there hastn been word for 2 months but Chesko said he finished for the most part camping and working on frostfall, I cant help but think its going to have a much more stable base and maybe some new content, or else why would this take so long.
  9. RavenGate quest bug occured, anyone else have this happen? only thing iv e found is maybe a conflict with interesting NPCs, but since these 2 are used in this guide unless everyone got it, shouldnt be? Flamia Curion, a NPC in Riften is auto hostile, no idea why
  10. Actually looking up exactly that shows thing i looked at but the top 2 Reddit posts all boil down to , they are the same thing or TES5LOD gen is built into Dyndolod etc. Basically not answering the question at all.
  11. Question on XLODGen, ive seen what it can do , why is this run before Dyndolod? what does it ADD to dyndolod?
  12. /facepalm I missed that key detail. I'm already started a game using 2 revisions ago data, but keeping up with the guide for various reasons, I'm kinda still in live testing so restarts with tweeked things isn't out of question
  13. Dumb question but why we doing that pre smash merge? Didn't those get absorbed into the plugin merge of bashpatch?
  14. On an additional note, cant seem to figure out why rain in Vivid Weathers is almost invisible, you can hardly see it.
  15. This game is hard with this mod order lol, i have a few extra things but jeez, im in steel armor, using Live another life up north. at lvl 1 im running into lvl 5 minimum things. lvl 5 wolves are almost 1 shotting me ! and they dont seem to be afraid of the fire im shooting at them wonder if its not working or what.
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