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  1. I built this PC with my own two hands, I don't need no stinkin permission. (I'm in my 20's, I'd hope I don't need permission anymore.) I do need to know what you're using, unless there's new magic software where I don't have to install anything on my end.
  2. At this point (and also being someone who honestly needs to sit down and do things themselves) I'm open to that. And just added "everybody", still no luck. Would having more than one installation of MO cause any problems, you think?
  3. Just double-checked, yep, while I don't have an "everybody" option, I gave each group full permissions for every file.
  4. @Gernash It took some clicking around but I got full permission for the entire ModOrganizer2Data folder. I keep trying to uncheck the read-only box, but each time I hit apply and reopen the box, it's filled in again, not sure which file it won't let me save it for. Still nothing, though. Just looked through all the individual files, nothing is actually marked as read-only anymore, so I did get that part to work.
  5. @Gernash Already pointing there, tried switching it back and forth just to see, still nothing, but no errors. LOOT is in the default installation location and has the same problems though.
  6. BethINI, ENBManager, and FO4Edit. As per the instructions.
  7. (I'm on Win7 so the shortcut doesn't work btw) Everything is there, identical to the ModOrganizer2Data folder. All the mods, all the downloads, the profile, and all the tools are there in the folder, too.
  8. Check, check, check, check, and check. And then did the validity thing twice, no luck. Everything is showing up in the right place in the files, but LOOT and FO4Edit aren't showing anything.
  9. So, I got everything working up until adding mods. Nothing I add through MO2 is showing up in LOOT or FO4Edit. I'm running both through MO2, there are no error messages at all, and the DLC shows up in both just fine. Let me know what other information is needed to hopefully fix this.
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