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  1. I am not having issues however, I have a heavily modded SSE and was curious if merging mods has any effect on performance. Cheers
  2. I am running the CK through MO2. When I click the 'Open' icon I only see mods in the Data directory, the default Skyrim bsa's. Any suggestions?
  3. I am on Win10 and have zero problems with MO2 minus an occasional crash while running SSEEdit, WB, etc through it. Will there be an updated release of MO2? That would be dandy.
  4. For the SSE version please consider CLARALUX SSE - Controllable Lights Everywhere by MyGoodEye and Scythe42 I tested it a couple nights ago and it is the most immersive and beautiful lighting mod I have experienced. :)
  5. Will there additions to the LOTD guide? Ex: I installed and have working the LOTD guide. Will there be added mods or improvements to be made on top of existing LOTD integrations? Will there be anything from the guide that will benefit those who have LOTD installed and working?
  6. Sounds like it will be much easier to follow. So, nothing for those who have already installed it or will there be a set color for those who already have it installed and can add/edit mods?
  7. Sounds good. You aren't doing anything complicated so cut and pasting existing code should be just fine however, let me know if you have any issues and I will sort it out. :)
  8. I know CSS and HTML. Let me know if you need help. The CSS and HTML needed for the guide should be pretty basic and reusable.
  9. I think the best practice on dropbox links would be to get permission form the mod author to copy the mod into a guide admin dropbox account. This way if the mod author closed the dropbox account we still have the file. Appropriate credit given of course. I think you will find most tech forums pretty friendly. Tech people no matter what skill level always run into issues where someone else from the community can help.
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