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  1. So, I was just changing my mod priority list, when suddenly something happened and now I have a folder inside of the MO interface. The folder is labeled CK Dungeon (one of my mods), and if I try to delete it, it deletes the mod that is the current name, and changes the name. There are 6 mods in the folder, and I can't get them out. Here is a picture of what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/AfjmY I don't know what to do, please help.
  2. Well, I stopped my backup (it was going to literally take days anyway), cleaned the game cache, and did some other PC cleanup type stuff, and it works now!
  3. Could it possibly be the fact that I am using Acronis True Image to back up my computer to the Acronis Cloud? Like, it is backing up right now.
  4. I did a fresh install, installed it on a completely different drive, and I still get the same result.
  5. I had already done that. It's the only log there. I've tried running SKSE, Skyrim, Skyrim Launcher, and Creation Kit on this new install. That's all the log shows.
  6. I have even tried doing a clean installation of Mod Organizer, and it still does the same thing. Here are the logs: https://pastebin.com/V3VQJjUH
  7. Do I need to have the arguments in there? The only thing that has arguments is Patchus Maximus. Also, what about the Overwrite Steam AppID? Creation Kit has something in that field. Edit: I updated all of the Binaries and Start in lines, no changes.
  8. I have no idea why, but any time I try to run a program through mod organizer, it gives me the error "failed to spawn '[program name]': failed to start process (Access is denied. [5])". I hadn't changed anything to my knowledge from the last time I ran it except for setting up a new monitor which wouldn't make sense to change it. I have tried moving mod organizer and all of the files that it tries to run out of my program files, and that didn't do anything. I am on an administrator account, and have tried running mod organizer as an administrator. It gives me the same error with SKSE, Skyrim, Skyrim Launcher, LOOT, Creation Kit, TES5Edit, WyreBash, and Patchus Maximus. I have tried searching for a response, but seen nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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