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    This is not really going to affect us, in the end. The Guides are down, at this point, due to mods not being updated for the new version of the game. Once those are back up and running, then we'll be back to full swing. This is because we've accepting the free update as just another game update, like any other one from the past. V2 of the SE Guide will support the full AE content.
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    FO4LODGen by Ehamloptiran, Zilav and Sheson Static objects LOD generator tool for Fallout 4 After one and a half years, Zilav and I finally managed to incorporate FO4LODGen fully into the latest xEdit.exe builds posted to WIPz TES5Edit on Afk mods. However, get the latest xLODGen - beta with terrain LOD, this is were the most recent LOD development happens. Users of xEdit and FO3LODGen/FNVLODGen/TES5LODGen/SSELODGen will feel right at home. After downloading and extracting the archive rename executable to FO4LODGen.exe or FO4LODGenx64.exe Start FO4LODGen.exe with the command line parameter -o:"c:\Output" to set the output folder. This will make it easier to create BA2 archives, to avoid blurry textures because of loose texture files. I assume Fallout 4 modders know all about this issue with loose texture files, the involved INI settings and ENBoost. Hover over the options of the FO4LODGen window to see hints what each setting does. If a texture atlas is not created it will use the vanilla texture atlas (Commonwealth and SanctuaryHillsWorld are supported atm, ping me if DLC worldspaces are required) if possible and single LOD textures if not. I created a FO4LODGen Resources archive, to improve the generated LOD. While it is not required to generate object LOD, I recommend using the FO4LODGen.esp and the FO4LODGen - Main.ba2 for better results. Refer to the included docs/ReadMe.txt file to learn what each of the plugins do. The plugins can be merged, but make sure to keep a the name FO4LODGen.esp in the load order so that the FO4LODGen - Main.ba2 is loaded when starting FO4LODGen.exe. Check the log to make sure the BA2 is loaded. There is no hard requirement for the plugins that define unused LOD models and the FO4LODGen - Main.ba2 to be loaded in the game. However, if you notice flickering LOD textures or other odd behavior keep them in the load order. Let us know if this happened so we can update the instructions. The FO4LODGen-DLCCoast-WindTurbines.esp is just a bonus plugin and has nothing to do with LOD generation. All tree LOD in Fallout 4 is done as object static LOD, so 3D models are required instead of billboards. Even without the FO4LODGen Resources and no plugins changing the worldspaces, FO4LODGen already improves vanilla LOD. Tree LOD models use a feature called "double sided", which the vanilla LOD does not support. In vanilla this means the opposite side of branches are invisible. See below screenshots. Please test and post results so we can work out any kinks before official release. "Use backlight power"
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