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Mod suggestions, discussion & testing

Mod Topic Guidelines

Mod Topics are topics for discussion of specific mods for our community. Beyond that, Step uses feedback from the community to help determine a mod's candidacy for the official Modding Guides. As such, since these topics are utilized for official and unofficial guide creation, Step has set up a format and guidelines for all topics posted here:

  • Search the forum before posting a new topic. Many times users will find that the mod topic already exists.
  • Use the correct title format: ModName (by AuthorName)
  • Use the correct tags (see Topic Tags & Prefixes announcement to learn about our tags).
  • The opening of the first post should be the Step boilerplate with working links, which means users should create the mod page on the wiki.
  • Include a meaningful review:
    • If the mod is planned to be considered for official Guides, then include why the mod is a good fit for a Step Guide.
    • Include any useful links to content that is being discussed so users don't have to search for it.
    • Use your own words, don't just quote/copy and paste from the mod's Nexus page.
    • For a good example see here.  
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