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Nexus Mod Removals


What is your opinion on alternative mod sources?

Step is aware of the happenings surrounding Nexus Mods, their change of policy, and the resulting mod removals. Officially, Step Modifications takes no stance on the matter while individual community members have their own opinions. Step has and always will be considered a "cathedral modding" platform that supports open modding and respects entities, individuals, and teams that do not.

During this time of transition for Nexus Mods, it's expected that several mods from the Step Guides will be removed from their platform. We are aware of this and have been expecting it since the news was made public. As such, users can but do not need to report removed mods. Step Curators will be checking the Guide's mod lists after the dust has settled a bit. Mods removed from Nexus Mods will either be removed from the Guide or updated with alternative download locations.

Please stay patient as we all experience this transition together, which is currently rippling across the entire modding community.

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