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Topic Tags & Prefixes


Step Forum Tags

Topic 'tagging' is a method of forum information management. One can think of tags as categories that define the content of a topic. When a tag is added to a topic, it's automatically associated with other topics sharing that tag.

  • Tags are searchable via the “Advanced Search” (click the magnifying glass button without entering text).
  • Tags can be created by all Members for any topic during topic creation or edit (using “full editor”).
  • Tags are ‘clickable’. This means that any tag listed under a forum or topic title can be clicked to bring up a page listing all topics using the specified tag.

Users are encouraged to enter relevant tags for all their new topics! Step has set up some auto-managing of tags so users may see tags they enter being converted to other, preferred tags. However, Staff also regularly maintains tags so that they are as meaningful as possible (misspellings corrected, highly specific tags grouped into more general tags, etc.).


Step Forum Prefixes

Forum Prefixes are tags used inline with topic titles as a visual indicator of the topic’s content. The available prefixes are pre-configured by Staff, so they are only available within specific forums. Most support forums will force users to select a prefix. The "gameName" prefix should always be the first option for these topics. This will help others understand what game the question being ask is for.

  • Where available, users can select a prefix during topic creation or edit (using the “full editor”).
  • Only one prefix can be selected and used at a time; therefore, the one selected should be the most relevant applicable.
  • Prefixes are still tags, so they can be clicked to generate a list of topics sharing the same prefix/tag.


Mods Forum
The prefixes available in the mods forums are reserved for staff use. Users are kindly asked to ignore them during topic creation/editing. However, users are highly encouraged to use normal tags for mod topics.

The following are required:

  • mod
    • This is a required tag is applied by the system for all topics created within a "Mods" forum. This tags the topic as a mod topic.
  • gameName
    • This is a required tag (i.e., skyrimle, fallout3, etc ) is applied by the system for all topics created within a "Mods" forum. This tags the topic as belonging to a specific game.

The following are recommendations:

  • modGroup
    • Users are encouraged to enter the appropriate (or best guess) mod group the mod belongs to. This helps to categorize the forum mod topics by Step's mod groups. Users are not required to remember the numbers in front of the group. The system will auto-convert several variations of our mod groups into the proper format. For example users can enter "gameplay general" and the system will convert it properly to "10-gameplay-general".
  • guideName
    • If the mod is being used within a guide, Curators are encouraged to add a tag that is their guide name (i.e., step skyrimle guide ). This will help authors and users quickly track down all the mod topics associated with a specific guide.
  • testing tag
    • The testing tag can be applied by all users (not the prefix). Tagging a mod topic with this tag indicates to Step Staff the mod is being suggested by users for consideration into one of the official Step guides.
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